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Tuition, to have or not to have? It is almost not necessary for most children to have a tutor but other factors may push Parents toward searching for the right tutor for their child. Like for those whose child is picking up knowledge and skills slower than the other kids in school, or parents who are not confident enough to teach and guide their own child academically; then tuition is probably necessary. Then the next question is where do find the right tutor?

As an ex teacher in a primary school, and with my husband still in service in a mainstream school, we see the big gap among students within the same level in all the school we have taught. Usually the biggest difference between the top student and the lower bottom of the level is that one has got either very good family support or has got extra help from tuition or enrichment outside of school. And as for the other side of the spectrum, poor academic results may be due to the lack of support from parents and who has no means to support child for any form of tuition. Or probably academic is not the child's forte and the child is probably better in other areas.

For those who can afford tuition, where do you find the right one for your child? How do you know if he/she is qualified to teach your child or if you prefer a trained MOE teacher for example? When I was introduced to, I was rather skeptical and thought oh it's just another tuition agency trying to link students and tutors of any kind. Well first impression of the website to me is "Not very professionally done up leh, sure they are authentic? Can trust or not?" So I surfed on and read more about them.

  • Schtutors is the only tuition agency in Singapore that recommends only MOE current and ex-school teachers to parents. They also ensure that a tutor do not teach a student from the same school as it will violate MOE guidelines.

  • Schtutors guarantees that the tutor is a current or ex-school teacher. If not, the administrative fee will be refunded to the parent. They verify by requesting all registered tutors to provide their MOE email address and NIE certificates for verification. And they will remove all tutors who are not an MOE teacher or ex-school teacher from their database.

  • Schtutors has got a comprehensive listing for one-to-one home tuition (listed on behalf of parents) and group tuition assignments where teachers can list their available classes for parents to select and apply for.

  • Schtutors is established in 2008 so if you are wondering if they can be relied on, well they are authentic and probably doing the right thing, else how can they continue this agency for so many years?

You can read more about the frequently asked questions on their FAQ page.

Schtutors is the place for parents and tutors to connect. Parents get to find a suitable and qualified tutor from Schtutors and those looking for tuition assignments can register themselves and be matched with potential children.

Comprehensive Listing of Available Group Tuitions, searchable by level, location and pricing.


Schtutors open and available home tuition assignment for tutors


Check out, the only home tuition agency in Singapore that specialises in recommending only MOE teachers for home tuition.

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