Goodbye Bad Hair Day, The Loving Mum tries Atomy Herbal Hair Care

Since I got my hair permed earlier this year I have been trying out different hair care to tame my dry permed hair. I've tried salon recommended shampoo, highly rated and expensive O&M series and ended up not using them beyond the first week, coz my hair was just not suitable.

When I was recommended to give Atomy Herbal Hair Care series a try I hesitated worried that the products will be too expensive since they are from Korea and only available online. But after I registered for Atomy's free membership, I realized their products are not that expensive and rather cost effective too if I purchase in quantity of fours.

I started off with Atomy Herbal Hair Treatment ($18) and after the first few washes I love how my hair become smoother and easier to manage. When my first tube of hair treatment is running out, I purchased Atomy Herbal Shampoo ($22) and Atomy Herbal Conditioner ($22) too. (Price indicated are for members purchase per quantity from Atomy online store. Retail price in store may vary.)

Now gone were the days of dry fizzy hair! Having used Atomy Herbal Hair Care for more than a month now, my hair is in better shape and condition. No more fizzy and unmanageable hair!

Everyday I enjoy a herbal infused hair wash (I love the smell!) followed by a refreshing minty hair conditioning. And once or twice a week I would follow up the conditioning with Atomy Herbal Hair Treatment too, it gives my hair even more conditioning and I love how soft my once messy and dry hair feels now. After my daily wash, I do not even need to blow dry (cos I am one lazy woman), I just combed and twist my curls then let it dry naturally. On days when I need to look better, I'll apply some hair treatment oil (none Atomy product because they don't have any styling products).

Can you see the difference? These photos were taken on days after I started using Atomy Hair Care products.  
Can you tell I am one happy shopper of Atomy? :)

There is one more hair care product which I have yet try, the Atomy Hair Treatment Liquid, which is supposed to help keep your pores clean and keep your hair healthy. You bet I am going to add into my cart for my next purchase. Yes!

Besides hair care products, Atomy also has got a wide range of skin care, beauty, body, oral, health supplements, snacks and even household items. The range of products will be growing over time and as their CEO shared, they hope to be one of the world's biggest online retail mall. Big dreams they have!

Atomy's masstige strategy is to provide absolute quality products at an absolute price.

Atomy is a direct marketing and distribution company. Consumers buy direct from their global online stores and if they want to, they can in return generate some revenue from it too. Started in 2009 in Korea, Atomy distributed beauty and health supplements. fast forward 6 years, they are now distributing in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and just this year they arrived in Singapore! And in the next few months, Atomy will also be available in Malaysia, Indonesia and more neighbouring countries. This can only mean even more opportunities for our local active sales masters and distributors.

If you are keen to start your own business with little capital, I can help link you up so you can sign-up for your own Atomy FREE membership too. No sign-up fee, no minimum purchase nor monthly spend and no commitment period too. If you like it you just buy and use the products yourself and if you really really love Atomy's products, you can start building a possible sustainable business on your own too. Email if you are keen to find out more or fill up this contact form.

And now a giveaway!

Because I love the Atomy Herbal Hair products so much, I am going to share the benefits with one lucky reader of The Loving Mum. Follow the following steps to take part:

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One lucky winner will be picked at random from all the comments posted in this Facebook post. This giveaway ends at 2359 hr on 21 August 2015. Winner will receive 1 x Atomy Hair Shampoo, 1 x Atomy Hair Conditioner and 1 x Atomy Hair Treatment, total worth $62.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post nor am I paid to write about this. I am a consumer of Atomy and is still considering building my small business with them, but because I really love their hair care products I wanted to share it with you.