Zara's First Teacher's Day

Last year, The Loving Mum had our first gifting experience for Ayra's first Teacher's Day. And this year, Zara joined in too, preparing our little token of thanks for her teachers in childcare.

The plan was to have the girls put together something for their teachers in school, with as little effort as possible from me. And so I thought well, they can put things into a container and pack things together right? So I found these pretty jars at Daiso (everyone loves Daiso don't we?), and bought some snacks and cute stationeries for the girls to pack them in.

So three nights before Teacher's day, this happened in our living room...

I went a little over, thinking I needed a lot of snacks to fill up the jars, so yes there were many snacks left after we were done packing. Zara seemed to be a better estimator than me, cos even before we started putting things into the jars, she was already happily opening up packets of snacks and stuffing herself with them! And I've got evidence...

She wasn't interested in what Ayra and I were busy with, she sat there like that the whole time munching on raisins. LOL! Ayra was topping up the jars with lots of (Hershey's) kisses and helping to screw back the covers.

And finally a little final touch from me to complete the gifts, with guided hand-written thank you tags by Ayra.

Not too bad right? The teachers were happy to receive these goodie filled jars from the girls. And to continue what we started the year before, we also prepared little gifts for all teachers and the aunties in the childcare.

To give everyone a taste of our favourite cookies of the month, I repacked these wholesome Quaker Oatmeal Cookies with these cute heart shaped filled food packaging from Daiso. And this was the final product...

We hope all the ladies in school love these yummy goodness as much as we do. Happy Teacher's Day to all the dedicated teachers out there!