Our Little YouTube Channel

It's been more than a year since we did a toy unwrapping video of Ayra. Watching it again sends a little tingling feeling inside and makes me miss my chubby little one. Kids these days do grow up way too fast! I really should document their growing up and cute videos more often.

Have you seen some of our videos on YouTube? If you haven't, please go like and subscribe ok! Will be sharing more videos on our little YouTube Channel soon, bringing you a little cuteness, a little silly performances and hopefully lots of laughter. Because life is hectic and stressful, laughing makes very good medicine for our mind and soul.

Here's some of my personal favourites.

This from 2012 when we brought Ayra for her first clubbing night out at UFamily Mega Dance.


These next two videos tickle me ALL THE TIME. We never get tired watching these two videos of Ayra and Zara.



And here's one of our recent toy unwrapping and play demo video.


Both the girls love watching themselves on YouTube. Mummy me needs to be a little more hardworking at editing and uploading these snippets I have in my phone and in all those SD cards!

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