The Other Two Ladies' Absolute Slimming Experience

Remember my treatment with Absolute Slimming some months back? Well, because some of you have asked if I know of anyone else who had undergone the treatment and how it has worked for others, I've gotten two other ladies who had gone through treatments with Absolute Slimming to share their experience.

Zarah was 74.1kg in April 2015. Now after her 24 sessions treatment, she is at 59.9kg. And here are her answers to my questions about her experience with Absolute Slimming.

How did you get to know about Absolute Slimming?

I got to know about absolute slimming via my sister whose friend had been thru this treatment and thus my sis saw a huge change in her so wanted me to give it a go. She had been bugging me for over 2 years after the birth of my 1st child to shed off the weight but i was never into slimming as I've heard many negative encounters of slimming centres being pushy n having no effect thus I've given up the idea of slimming down nor foresee myself being able to fit into any of my smaller size clothing.

Many ladies I know always ask if the treatment is painful. After going through it yourself, how would you describe the feeling of gua sha and cupping?

Afterall, no pain no gain yah. Nah.. just joking. Infact, I've always been asking the ladies at the centre is it the harder they do the gua sha, the better it is. If so, juz max up their energy. But was told that it doesn't work that way. They will just do the usual gua sha and if its unbearable for me, i just need to inform them. So far, everything is ok. Pretty bearable for me except for some parts which i deem alittle ticklish. Cupping on the other hand is not an issue. Just some tightening feel.

Following the strict diet is hard! How did you ensure that you do it religiously throughout your 24 sessions? Describe a typical day's meals.

I've got to give credit to my husband whom is very supportive of my diet and in fact, he too switch to my diet as he feel that if we eat the same food, there will be less temptation for me. :) breakfast ill take 2 slice of wholemeal bread with soft boil egg. Lunch ill take fruits or even chicken as I'm usually on the go so need to eat stuff that is easy and mess free. Dinner I'll take airfried salmon or various permutation of salad such as roast chicken salad with slight wafu dressing etc. Sometimes if I'm not hungry, I'll just take small bites of fruits. In between meal, if I'm jus feeling greedy, I'll just eat chia seed biscuit.

How many months did you take to complete 24 sessions? Did you try their heat treatments too?

It took about 4 months to complete the 24 treatments. In between I did skip a couple of treatments as some days my schedule was just filled to the brim and I can't make a trip down. I'm glad that there isn't any rebound in weight as I've heard al ot of people saying now slim down and once you stop treatment, you will double up in size. I've tried heat treatment twice as it was complimentary with package that I paid for.

How has the change in appearance and health affect you?

With the change in appearance, it makes me a more confident person n definitely improve my health. I used to have issues wearing heels as it will add further stains to my ankle thus resulting in me limping (ankle n toes will ache) whenever there is an occasion that I need to wear heels. Nw, i wore heels to work daily and that is pretty important for sales person to be presentable. And most importantly, with the down size, my daughter won't say that there is a baby in my tummy. :)

Here's a comparison of her before and after self. Looking great Zarah!

Zarah Before and After at Absolute Slimming

Next, we have Val who tried excising and dance classes prior to her treatments with Absolute Slimming. And here's what she has got to share about her experience with Absolute Slimming.

How did you get to know about Absolute Slimming?

Since young, I have always been a big girl for my height [63kg - 1.59m]. I have come to terms with that and wasn't so bothered about it. However, once I have hit pass 30 years old, my weight had climb to an all time high of 70kg over the span of 2 years! I was quite worried to be honest as my diet is still the same and have been eating quite healthy over the years [More vegetables, less fried and junk food]. I started going for exercises and dance classes but instead of losing weight, I started to bulk up and my frame looked even bigger. That's when I started to look for alternatives to aid my slimming process.

I started to do my research on all the available slimming centres. Yes I am very desperate to lose weight but at the same time, do not wish to throw in thousands of my hard-earned money for some slimming treatments that have no effect on me. Slimming pills and replacement meals are out as I do not trust such gimmicks. I read alot of blog posts and reviews about the different slimming centres out there and I was very impressed with absolute slimming. I found that the clients at absolute slimming have nothing but good praises about the professionalism of their staffs and the positive results of their slimming treatments. Furthermore, it was based on TCM methods and the venue was ideally situated at Holland Village which was convenient for me. So I felt that I should just give it a try.

Many ladies I know always ask if the treatment is painful. After going through it yourself, how would you describe the feeling of gua sha and cupping?

I'm gonna be honest and say that gua sha for me is quite painful especially when applied around my inner arms and thighs area. Although I said that, the pain actually wasn't THAT unbearable and the ladies that do the gua sha for me will adjust their force accordingly if I requested. As for cupping, I will feel a slight sting when first applied but eventually I will feel so relaxed that I always end up dozing off. The 'circle' marks left after the cupping session will usually fades within 1-2 days.

What do you like most about the experience with Absolute Slimming?

I like the fact that every visit is stress free. They do not do any hard selling. Prices are fixed and there's no hidden costs whatsoever. In fact a few times I overheard some clients even requested for additional heat treatments themselves.The ladies that help with the treatments are very friendly, even the founder, Irene is always around to check up on her clients (and me) every time that I went for my treatment and always ready to answer any question that I have about health issues in general.

What is the most obvious change after your treatments?

My weight currently stands at 65kg. I lost a total of 5kg within a month over 8 gua sha & cupping treatments with one heat treatment. I was very pleased with my slimming result even though I did not follow 100% of the recommended diet. I can once again fit into my old clothes and it fitted even better back when I was weighing 63kg. I no longer looked 'bulky' and my slim-fit t-shirts looks flattering on my frame now. This really gives me the confidence to continue with the treatments and I'm hoping that I can reached my ideal weight of 58kg.

How has the changes affect you?
My appetite have drastically reduced and for once I actually have difficulty in finishing my food. There's once I'm craving for my favorite Miam Miam French Toast and I gave in and go for it. I was surprised that I couldn't finish it and I have to force myself to finish it so as not to waste food. I felt extremely uncomfortable after that and had to drink ginger tea to relieve the bloatedness. I did not feel hungry or cranky due to the reduced food intake. In fact I felt more energized and I do not crave for sugar that much compared to last time.

There you go! Two more success experiences with Absolute Slimming. If you're wondering how I've been progressing since I completed my treatments with Absolute Slimming? Follow me on Instagram and see for yourself! Now that I'm getting more and more "hot date" sessions with my clients and friends for work, I think I may want to consider heading back for more treatments and in the same time sneak in an hour of nap while getting slimmed and toned. Tempting!!

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Disclaimer: The Loving Mum is sponsored to slimming sessions with Absolute Slimming for purpose of reviews and experience. All opinions and thoughts are my own.