Is Pororo Park Singapore Worth A Visit?

Much much buzz has been going around about Pororo Park's opening its first playground in Singapore, and I believe the place must be jam packed with curious parents and excited kids since its opening on Monday, 11 November 2015. For those who've not been there yet, here's some points you may want to read before planning your trip and paying for the tickets to Pororo Park Singapore at Marina Square.

Almost $80 for Family of 4 (2 adults + 2 kids above 2yo) to Enter!

This is probably the most expensive indoor playground in Singapore where every adults need to pay for admission fees too. If you are bringing kids 2 years and above, each of them will have to pay $33.50 for TWO hours of play. There is no unlimited play time here at Pororo Park. If you consider this like a treat for your little ones and think $80 is ok to pay for 2 hours of play, then read on.

Pororo Express runs only at certain timing

One of the key highlight of the playground is the Pororo Express! ALL kids would jump in glee when they see it through the window and entrance to the park. Yes the train and its surrounding is super cute and colourful, but the train ride lasted less than 3 minutes. Each ride goes through the circuit once only. You'll need to queue again to go more rounds. Do also note that the train doesn't go non-stop through the opening hours of the park. So catch it when you can!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Pororo Express Train Ride at Pororo Park Marina Square by The Loving Mum Pororo Express Train Ride at Pororo Park Marina Square by The Loving Mum[/caption]

Performance at TongTong’s Little Theatre

This I feel is probably the only attraction that's worth paying such high price for entrance to an indoor playground. The whole show lasts for 15 minutes, and there are lots of songs to keep everyone entertained. But my two year old was a little bored after the third song. Probably because the characters were having much space for variety of actions and interactions with one another. And the room was rather dim throughout the show with little spotlight (which was also too dim I feel) on the characters.

Cute Pororo House

And that's all I'm going to call it - Cute. Everything in there are sized just right for the little ones. They can try to sit on the sofa, rest on Pororo's bed and even pretend to visit the loo or shower in the cute tub. Give any child maximum 10 minutes and they'll want out of the house. And do also be careful when your little one try to climb into the tub. There knob on the pipe wasn't child-proof. Ayra came back with a bad scratch on her back because she lost her balance when climbing out of the tub and knocked herself against the water knob.

Biggest and Deepest Shark Ball Pool

If your little ones are into ball pools, then this they can spend most of the time at. It is one of the biggest and deepest (most balls) ball pool we've seen so far from all the other indoor playground we've visited.

Poby’s Jungle Gym Not Suitable for Adults

For kids who are old enough to move around a giant maze and loves climbing and sliding, then this is something fun for them. But if you want to join in the fun too, then you may be disappointed. Unless you are prepared to risk breaking your backbone for this. If jungly gym is your kind of thing, there are many other bigger ones to visit at fraction of the entrance fee.

That's basically all the fun things you can do inside Pororo Park at Marina Square. So if you are planning to head down with your kids, do plan your visit around the showtimes and meet-and-greet timing. Then go catch the Pororo Express while its open. The rest of the activities can then be slotted in between these scheduled activities.


Marina Square’s new retail wing

6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #02-29

Singapore 039594

Opening Hours

Sun  Thu: 10.30am to 8.00pm

Fri & Sat: 10.30am to 9.00pm

Admission Rates
Every ticket is a designated 2-hour play time per entry

Children between 2 to 12 years $33.50

Children below 2 years $24.50 

Accompanying Adults $6.00
Babies below 1 year - Free entry

Additional Playtime

$5 per block of 30 minutes (or part thereof)

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