Tenants Worth Waiting for at Punggol Waterway Point

If you've been passing by Waterway Point, next to Punggol MRT station, every day, you should be super excited to see that the place seems to be ready for opening anytime soon! If you still do not know what to expect inside the mall, here are our pick of 10 tenants worth waiting for at Waterway Point for all residents of Punggol and Sengkang.

Shaw Theatres - Finally A Cinema!

And I heard they will be operating 24-hours together with NTUC Fairprice Finest at the basement. Can anyone verify this?

The theatres are not open 24 hours, but there are movies from 10am-ish till late nights on some days. Please check movie schedule on their website for details.

Kiddy Palace

Since Compasspoint closed for renovation, I've stopped getting things from Kiddy Palace, but when Waterway Point opens, shopping resumes too! You know... toys... toys... and oh wait... toys!

Encik Tan

The Halal Noodle Stall from Kallang Wave is one place where we usually makan because halal and has got some decent fishball and wanton noodles. Their fried carrot cake is not bad too.


Yummy but expensive, still happy its coming to Punggol!


Not sure if this will mean Daiso at Rivervale Mall will close soon. But whichever mall has got Daiso is an awesome mall!

H&M and Uniqlo!

Ok, Uniqlo is not that exciting cos we have that at Seletar Mall. But H&M! OMG! You know how crazy I had become with H&M clothes since after my #TLMgetfit days. 80% of my new wardrobe is from H&M.

The Largest Times Bookshop

After I visited the revamped Times at Marina Square, and was told that the one at Waterway Point is going to be way bigger, I just couldn't wait for it to open. This is probably going to be my favourite hang out.


Because I always need to get that extra SD card lah, external hard disk lah, more printer inks lah... I'm just geeky like that.

And last but not least... BLACK BALL!

No longer need to wait till I travel to Plaza Singapura or Harbourfront to get my Black Ball craving fixed. It'll soon be just a 10 minutes ride from home! YES!

See the full list of tenants at Waterway Point here.