Mobile Plan with Most Bundled Data in Singapore

This post is written out of frustration after trying to get my plan changed from one provider to another and failed after too many tries and calls with the respective customer service. But this I feel is useful for those who are like me, exceeds data plan every month and just continue to pay $100+ more on top of our contracted postpaid mobile plan.


I'm currently with M1 3G LiteSurf+ plan that gives me 300 mins local outgoing voice and video calls, 800 local SMS/MMS (who uses these nowadays??)  and 3GB local data bundle. Though the plan cost $55+ every month, but my bills for the past 12 months have been on average of $120++ per month.

I only blame myself for not monitoring my data usage and allowing my girls to freely watch YouTube whenever we are out.

So when this contract ended, I was determined to switch to a plan that will give me the highest data bundle at less than $100 per month.

And so I thought I found the right one with Singtel's Easy Mobile L Plan at $65 per month. Giving me flexibility to choose how much voice, SMS and data I need and even throw in a bonus 3GB of free data bundle. So I can get up to 10GB of data which is probably sufficient for my use. But after numerous tries and unsolvable issues, I gave up.

First the CSO assumed is cos of existing contract or corporate plan tie-in with M1 that is preventing us from porting our number to Singtel. So we went to M1 Paragon to check with the customer service and the line has all along been personal plan since the contract expired. And so we try again to sign up with Easy Mobile, still same error message popped. And the online chat support said could be browser and asked me to clear cache and cookies etc etc. Still cannot! After more than 10 tries, I gave up. They didn't know what's wrong and couldn't provide any solution. And Easy Mobile can only be signed up online!

Then it hit me that it could be due to a very long long long ago account issue with Singtel that's stopping us from signing up. So I gave up.

Postpaid Mobile Plan with Highest Bundled Data Plan

After calculating and comparing across the three telcos, I've decided to go with M1 MySim plan with 12-months contract.

M1 mySIM plans

At $75 per month, I will get 800 mins of voice and video calls, 2,000 SMS/MMS (I'm going to spam everyone with SMS from now on!) and 12GB of data bundle! That's 2GB more than Singtel's Easy Mobile plan and a lot more talktime too. Perhaps its time to start calling to talk vs chatting on whatsapp or Facebook!

The only thing about this plan is that it doesn't give you discount off most mobile phone brand purchase like the other mobile data bundle plan.