Kids Cannot Eat Without Technology, Soon Everyone Else Will Too

Here are some common sights whenever we dine with our girls...

Are you having the same problem too? Whenever we attempt to remove the screens from them, they would give us the biggest melt down in public and to avoid stares from everyone around us, we let their hands stay busy with the screens and we feed them their meals. The only thing good that comes out from this arrangement is that they usually eat more than they usually do without these "distractions".

This is how many of our children are growing up now, and when they are older, their lives will be surrounded by even more advanced technology and integration with their daily lives. I feel that the little ones are getting more receptive to technology than some of us grown up. Seriously we cannot live without tech in our lives, everywhere we go we encounter with technology. Even at the hawker centre!

Some time back, we checked out the new Ci Yuan Hawker Centre at Hougang and I'm impressed by the whole place. So spacious, so clean and oh-so-windy too! There aren't many food options for us that evening as most of the halal stalls were closed when we were there. But there's the western food stall that came highly recommended by the management of Ci Yuan Hawker Centre.

Food aside, what is very interesting about this place is the use of automated ordering and payment solutions at every stalls. Stall owner takes your order, punch into the system and you pay for your food directly to the machine. And it even return you change in notes and coins! In the future, they may also be looking at allowing card payments too.

The above is the simple interface used by the stall owner. It's designed such that anyone (techie or none techie) will be able to use it easily. It even shows your coin level in your machine, and when you need to top up with coins, the system will prompt the owner to feed it with coins and it'll cough out the notes in exact amount; it's like an advanced way to exchange money in the float.

And here's what you, the customer, see. This red box is the self-payment kiosk where you feed your notes/ coins for payment and auto calculate and provide change to you. This way, the stall owners can focus on preparing your food well and not have to worry about collection/returning of any payment. Efficient and more hygienic too.

Here's a video I took when paying for my Fish and Chips with the Self-Payment Kiosk.

Technology can be used in so many ways, and with the experts in user-experience designs, everyone can use technology and be a techie too! This is the way of life so we should start picking up new skills and experience too. I'm sure our girls will welcome more of such integration and efficient way of getting things done.