Primary Mathematics Tuition in Punggol

Punggol is one of the youngest new town in Singapore and is populated with many young families. But tuition classes around Punggol is rather limited, many students have to travel to Hougang, Kovan or Serangoon area for their weekly tuition classes, be it for English, Mathematics, Science or Mother Tongue.

After 15 years of teaching experience in MOE primary schools, he finally decided to leave the service and for the first time, going to do something on his own which he is truly passionate about.

A teacher who just want to teach

All teachers in our MOE mainstreamed schools will share the same woes and face the same challenges. Their role as a teacher in school is not just to teach, there's the administrative work that needs to be done daily, time consuming contact time meeting, sometime attend workshops just for the sake of clocking in training hours, and other not-so-productive meetings to attend. All these on-top of their daily lesson planning, marking of student's work, providing support for their students and to TEACH!

After 15 years of teaching in various primary schools, he needed a change and he answered to his call to teach. And so this is the start of Punggol Tuition.


Focusing on Primary Mathematics

During his teaching years, he had taught students of all levels and abilities. His strength is in engaging weaker and slower academic students with differentiated teaching and learning style, infusing technology into learning and making Mathematics fun for his students.

Punggol Tuition provides small group tuition in Mathematics for students in Primary 3, Primary 4, Primary 5 and Primary 6 level. As he wants to help those who need support most, students who want to attend his small group tuition must fall within a set of criteria.  Students who are already getting good grades in their examination will not be accepted into Punggol Tuition group.

Punggol Tuition Now Open for Registration

Mathematics Tuition in Punggol for Primary School Students

Punggol Tuition is conveniently located at 166B Punggol Central, just 3 minutes walk from Riviera LRT station and 5 minutes walk from Punggol Plaza. You can take a look at the classroom setting here.