The Morning Drama That Spin Me Right Round... Baby Right Round


I drag the morning routine A LOT! Getting the girls out of bed every morning is a mind stretching affair and the franticness get worst if I'm scheduled for a morning 10am meeting. And this morning was a classic that I just had to share. Everything went as normal until...


Me while gathering our bags and ready to head out...

Ayra, Zara wear your shoes, we're late for school!
Oh WAIT! Have I trimmed your nails yet? (Ran into room to get nail clipper)

As quick and steady as I could, I trimmed Ayra's nail while Zara sat on the floor to wear her shoes.

Mummy.... (The usually loud Zara called out to me in a soft tone)

NOOOOOOO!!! Zara why did you do this again?? Three times yesterday and you are doing it again now?

Zara sat motionless giving her most bo-chap look and waited for me. I ran to the kitchen to bring out the roll of kitchen towels and get all the pee soaked up. (Thank you whoever you are who invented super absorbent kitchen towels.) I cleaned her up as fast as I could, carried her into the bathroom, wash, clean up and get her dressed. #toilettraining #FAIL

Oh wait! YOUR TOP IS WET TOO??? 

Annoyed at missing this, went into the room to get a new uniform top for her to change.


Come here Zara, trim your nails! Ayra please wear your shoes...

Mummy is this side correct? Is this side correct?.... 

I continued focusing on trimming the nails and ignored the question.

Mummy is this side correct????!!!

Ayra you're old enough to know which side of the shoes is right, so do it yourself please. Ok Zara, go wear your shoes too. 

Oh wait, your shoes are wet with pee! So I went to the shoe cupboard to get another pair. (The girls have a lot more shoes than me!!)

Proceeded to take out the wireless vacuum to suck up all the nails all over the floor. Washed my hands and ready to head out.


Come Ayra and Zara let's go to school now. We are so late! Your class went outdoor without you already.

Girls took their time to step out of the house and giggled while walking out to the lift lobby.


Say Good morning teacher. (Silence)

See your classes both went outdoor without you already! Next time please wake up earlier can so you don't miss the outdoor fun. (Silence)

Ok go in to your class and bring your bags please. Mummy will see you later ok? Good bye. Love you! 

Bye Mummy. (At least Zara reacted)

Ayra gave me her sad puppy eyes when I turned to close the school gate.

Go in to your class Ayra. Mummy got to go work now. See you later ok. Love you.

And I was 10 minutes late for my first appointment today.

This is the story of my life.