My Children's Favourite Bedtime Stories

Not sure about you, but I'm one of those parents who will buy a book whenever I see one that is interesting or fun for my children to read. And I would tell myself that I'll spend time every night reading with them before bed. Yes, I did do it as often as I can, but not as much as I'd wanted to. Because our daily bedtime routine is just too random and usually ended up one girl crying for iPad, and the other insisting for both Mum and Dad to tap her to sleep. But this did not stop me from my (sometime) crazy book buying spree. I try to avoid stepping into Times Bookshop or Kinokuniya as much as I can. But whenever I do, I'll end up bagging at least 3 new books for the girls. It's time we get a bigger bookshelf to house all our books.

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One of my biggest problem I face when buying books for my kids is searching for good ones. If you have totally no clue what title you want to buy before you step into the bookstore, you'll probably end up giving up searching because it is just no possible to know what a book is about just looking at the slim spine of these children's book on rows and rows of bookshelves.

As requested by some friends who are starting to build up their home library, here's sharing some of the girls' favourite bedtime story books. They are all pretty fun to read!

Baa Baa Smart Sheep by Mark and Rowan Sommerset

"What do you do with them?"
"Smarty tables?"
"Yes, smarty tablets."

I saw this book when I was touring New Zealand with a group of friends. The cute sheep caught my attention and I started reading, flipping through the pages and couldn't help but started giggling as I turn the pages. This book is very fun to read together with your children.

Little Baa Baa is bored. When Quirky Turkey comes along the opportunity to make some mischief proves too hard to resist. Baa Baa Smart Sheep is a cheeky tricksters tale designed to leave you laughing out loud.

Two Little Bugs by Mark and Rowan Sommerset

By the same authors from the previous book, Two Little Bugs is another fun to read book with holey pages! I love how they designed the book to make it interactive and fun through a series of die-cut holes and shapes. Making every turn a surprise.

Little Bug Blue has a wish. Little Bug Red has an appetite. Together they find out there's more than one way to find your wings.

Next book is by a local writer, Shervin Seah and illustrated by Candice Phang.

Meet The Wakersaur by Shervin Seah

I can relate 101% with the author with this book. Waking up little children in the morning is seriously the toughest challenge in our family! Girls get out of bed its time for school! Don't lie back down in bed, get up now! Wake up wake up! It's time to wake up!!! And this can go on for 45 mins before they get out of bed reluctantly. And we're all late for school and work. If you have the same dilemma as me, perhaps this book might help. Well it did for us for a couple of times when I first introduced this book to my girls, but soon after they aren't waking up early to catch a glimpse of "The Wakersaur" because they are always not waking up early enough to find him in the room.

That's me EVERY weekday morning.

The last book I'm going to share with you today is one of the longest standing book in our library. I started reading this even before Ayra was born.

Upsy Down Town by Sue Hendra

One of the first few books I bought before Ayra was born, because you know lah, first pregnancy so I was kiasu, I read books to my baby inside hoping she'll come out loving to read. But nope it didn't happen.

Upsy Down Town is a song or was it a rhyme (?) that is quite famous if I'm not wrong. The girls love the cute illustrations and how silly some of the animals are in the story.

In Upsy Down Town, everything is not as it should be...

Their favorite part of the story is to shout "STOP!" together with the birds.

Hope your children will enjoy these books too. If you have any good recommendations too please do share with me! I'll soon have more space for new books once I get that new bookshelf from IKEA. :)