Hey Millennials! Don't Say No To Having Kids

Yes you want an awesome career, make lots of money and travel the world. You feel that kids are disgusting and irritating, I heard it many times from young millennials passing such remarks at other people's kids causing a scene near them. And in my mind I'll bless them and wish them all the best.

Before I had mine, I dream of having many cos they are so adorable to look at, so comfortable to squeeze and hug, so much joy to play with! And then you have your own, things are just not as dreamy as I had thought. But hey I have no regrets and I really adore my two girls. They are my most important purpose in life and everything I do I have them in mind. Things just isn't the same when you are a parent.

You become a better being, you learn new level of tolerance, you are able to multi-task better, do things more swiftly and has new sights on what the future may bring. Yes it is like magic, you just know! You become more calculative and learn to manage your money better, so much so that your life turn to become of a better quality and much more happy too. Your heart is full, all the time.

You may see no good reason for you to have your own child now cos the idea is just too much burden and stress. But later in your life my dear millennials, you will look back at your life, your purpose and you will regret.

Why am I so successful in my career but I feel empty inside? Why am I not happy with my abundance of wealth and everything that I have worked hard for all my life? Even my most loved pet isn't giving me much joy anymore. What is missing in me?


I have met many successful single ladies many who have passed the stage to be pregnant, married couples for years without a child, and even couple of very eligible bachelors who are too occupied with their career they missed the chance to have their own family. The look in their eyes when they see their friends with their own children, you can sense the loneliness and jealousy.

When you have built up a stable work business but has no one to return home to share your fruit of labour, that emptiness in you will be louder than your bank account. (Ok very bad analogy but you get what I am trying to say right?)

From a (almost millennials) gen-X to the millennials. Don't say no to having kids because you cannot envision that stage of life yet, dont say no because your peers are all saying so, don't say no because Yolo. Because you-only-live-once don't say no to having your own children, your own family. Don't break the circle of life your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents etc etc has built till today. If they had the same thinking as you back then, where will you be now?

So don't say no. Say maybe. Maybe one day I will.

Damn I feel like an old granny now. But really my dear younglings, children bring a lot more good than bad. Going to head home to squeeze my two darlings tonight. What about you?

[caption id="attachment_7852" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Disclaimer: two of the above are mine, littlest boy is my nephew. Disclaimer: two of the above are mine, littlest boy is my nephew.[/caption]