Zara - The Girl Who Doesn't Give Up

Let's talk about my youngest and the one who doesn't give up. Or more like #NeverGiveUp!

Zara is the more dominant and determined daughter among the two who will insist on getting whatever she wants whenever she wants. One who never take no for an answer. Many times I do try to take control of situations where I want it my way, and guess where these usually end? Hysterical crying little one! Zara always seem to win.

Unlike Zara, the elder sister is less aggressive but she will be reluctant to do things that she is not confident at. Like reading and being the centre of attention. She do have her never give up times - like that Sunday where I refused to bring them into the indoor playground after her weekly Eye Level class. She repeated "I want to go playground" multiple times from 1pm till 130pm! I kid you not!


With such spirit and determination, I hope they will apply it the same when they enter the Singapore education system. 10 years of unavoidable school where they will be taught so many subjects that I do not find necessary after I am out in the real world! "Oh why do I have to learn this? I am not planning to be a politician what!" That was my exact sentiments when I was doing history and geography in school.

Over the past weeks, I have seen the stress and pressure of some P6 students and their parents, in my own home (my husband tutors a few of his ex-students) and on my Facebook feed. Both my husband and I agree that we will not pressure our girls to be top in school, or must hit our set targets. Like how my parents had brought me up, just do our best and pass the exams. It's just one of the many passages of life as a Singaporean child. So chill and just do it!

I know this is just us thinking what we feel is right at present, that first PSLE in our household is still a long way to go, and with the changes and all that's going to be taking place over these years, maybe things will be better. I look forward to a day where every child is seen as individual and they can choose what to pick up in school and what to drop since they really don't like it. No matter what the future be like, as long as they grow up to be good ladies (like Mummy!), everything will be alright.

Photo credit to Lemon-film

From a recent panel discussion I attended, experts shared that the most important thing for a growing child (and every human being too) is to have breakfast! So simple right?

Having proper breakfast and eating habits are one of the factors in bringing up resilient healthy happy kids.

But this daily important ritual is not something we practice every day. Every morning the rush to get everyone ready for childcare and me to work is just too crazy already. Where got time for breakfast??? The girls in the household all feel that the 20mins more snooze is more satisfying than time for breakfast.

This must be addressed and improved in my family. Mummy me must remember that not all breakfasts are created equal and should look for healthier breakfast choices that are low in Glycemic Index (GI). Food with low-GI releases energy slowly and prevents the sugar level from rising or dropping too rapidly, helping us feel full, longer.

A bowl of cereal or a slice of whole grain with a cup of Milo with low fat milk is sufficient for a quick morning charge. For kids even if it's just that small cup of Milo will do too. You know how kids always say no to healthy food but is ok to down that cup of yummy Milo. Oh and I am looking forward to the day where I see Milo truck all over Singapore for FREE (thanks to Nathan)!


I hope our new morning routine will get better as we work on it together. Onwards to nurturing resilient girls who will never give up, just like Mummy!

If you would like to find out what went on during the panel discussion with Milo, you can check out this live recording from that morning on Facebook.