Life with a Super Helper, I Never Knew It Was Like This

It has been four weeks since our family welcome our very first stay in domestic helper from Indonesia. The effect she has created in the household is so great; I have been questioning why didn't we hire one earlier? We are so lucky to have found her and I'm glad this feeling is mutual.

I never really experience having a super helper and have been curious why my friends swear by having one. Now that I've found my own, here's my list of 101 ways how our life in the home has changed since our super helper arrived.

  1. Dinner for a week is now better, healthier and cheaper! No more "what to eat tonight" woes and scrolling through Foodpanda for dinner. We used to spend $200-300 a week on dinners because we don't have time to cook. Now our weekly marketing is about $120 and feeds us, 3 adults and 2 kids, for the entire week. Home cook food is surely healthier than eating out.

  2. Eating out becomes fun again.

  3. We can rot at home all weekend without worrying we don't get feed.

  4. Hub and I get more time every day for family, work, self and us.

  5. Suddenly we have too many clothes to wear - before she came, we had a week of clothes piled up and ironed only once a week, now our laundry is washed, folded and ironed every few days. Time to clear out the not-so-fitting clothes soon.

  6. It's like we are living in a hotel - because our beds are made so straight and need every day and the house smell so clean too.

  7. You don't know where things are anymore, especially in the kitchen.

  8. Marketing is not just a word I hear at work, it becomes a weekly routine at Fairprice and the neighbourhood market.

  9. I am slowly getting acquainted with the vegetable and meat stall auntie and uncle in the market.

  10. We've got a phone in our house! The last time we had that was more than 10 years ago.

  11. We get to see things clearer through our full-length windows in the living room... the last time I cleaned those glasses was 4 years ago and now super helper cleans it every few days!

  12. I got used to someone calling me "Mamm".

  13. Hub is no longer Ayah, now also referred to as Sir in the house.

  14. Kids are happier, healthier and Ayra is gaining weight which is a good thing!

  15. Accidents in bed by the littles one now is less frustrating because I don't have to change the sheets on my own. This is really really really rare.

  16. My bag feels lighter (and smaller) whenever I'm out with the girls, because their water bottles and barang barang are now the helper's load.

  17. Shelves are neater, dust free and organised.

  18. Kids play room is neater, organised and cleaner.

  19. I get more time to focus on work and family because I have fewer things to worry about the house.

  20. Courier pick-up and delivery is easier because there's always someone in the house.

I am really glad we waited this long and found our super helper. I hope she will stay like this for a long long time. We've gained each other trust over the month and I'm checking in less via our blink cameras around the house, sometimes I don't even feel I have to anymore.

If you're wondering, my hub and I are still hands-on with the daily routine with our girls, we bathe, feed, tug them to sleep and take care of them, because to us, taking care of our children is the parent's responsibility. Auntie do get to play with them before bed and help out in the toilet at times because the girls have this weird "I need to poo" timing when we are having our meals!