Here's What You Get at the Free Workspace at Sengkang CC

Yes! It's FREE! 100%! No membership fee, no subscriptions and no costs to use, drink the coffee, have some snacks and even hold your meetings. This is probably the best discovery and one that I really shouldn't be sharing cos this may cause an influx of entrepreneurs living in the North-East to work here. But good-thing-cannot-don't-share right?

The workspace@Sengkang CC is located on the fourth floor of the Community Club. Initiative by Mr Teo Ser Luck, he announced in February on Facebook that one of the rooms at Sengkang CC will be renovated to a workspace for working adults, entrepreneurs or anyone that needs to use an office to work, have meetings, print documents, stopover while waiting for children, to read, get cable news etc. There is a study area on the same level and now adults have a workspace too. A great initiative indeed to help the community. I hope this will be implemented across more Community Clubs in Singapore.

workspace@Sengkang CC has open-concept work desks, semi-private work area, lounging area, lockers, pantry with free coffee, tea, water and even snacks to power up our work engines. There are two meeting rooms, one that sits about 6 and the other up to 8/10. There's high-speed broadband, pay-as-you-use printing and scanning services and even tablet stands for those who need to use them.

I'm very impressed by the decoration and style of this free workspace. To sign-up, all you need is your business card and they will issue a membership card to you.

Here are some photos were taken when I first visited... nice right the space?

The Meeting Rooms

Well stocked up Pantry

If you happen to spot me working here, don't be shy to say hi ok! Would love to meet you. :)

For enquiries, you can contact them at 6715 7029. The last I checked, the workspace@Sengkang CC operates Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm 9pm. Closed on weekends and public holidays.


  1. One of the study corners at my RC might close down, so I'm exploring other options. I had no idea there's a free co-working space at Sengkang! What's the crowd like? :)

  2. It's another bull from PAP.

    The counter auntie told me must dress up to business attire to enter and you need an income to be granted entry to their member based facilities. It's not open to all. If you are jobless, blame yourself too poor to pay $50 register a startup with Acra.

  3. Great except staff are petty enforcing rules stifling innovation and creativity.

  4. Very inflexible. I called before going down and no one told me about the business wear dress code. I went down in causal wear since I wasn't briefed on the dress code. Their online 1st timer registration system keeps prompting error as I register and was initially told that they would made an exception for me to the photocopier service jus for the day. After taking so long to register due to their system error, another lady stopped me and insisted that I cannot use the photocopier service since I am in casual wear. Totally waste of my time and effort in the registration, being so inflexible, for something that they neglected to brief me when I called to enquire even before going down.


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