It's Fun (And Tempting) But My Heart Is Too Weak To Trade

It was fun and I could feel my heart pumping when I tried my hands in trading BTC and ETH, jumped into it without any study nor basic understanding, I followed my instinct!

That was couple weeks before I was invited to attend a trial class at Online Trading Academy Singapore to get some basic know-how into trading and investing. After the class, I learned some tips and got to understand (a little) about candlestick and some common mistakes by newbie traders, there after I tried to apply them into my BTC and ETH, won a little and stopped because no time and heart weak lah.

What is Online Trading Academy Singapore?

Since 2011, Online Trading Academy focuses on financial trading education and has now grown into a community of over 200,000 investors and professional traders from around the world. The school covers a wide spectrum of trading methodologies and asset classes such as Swing Trading, Short Term Trading, Options, Futures and Currencies.

Aaron Yeo, presenter and education director at Online Trading Academy Singapore brought us through the basic and tips on the use of supply and demand. This is rather straight forward I thought, but oh my! My understanding of supply and demand is totally different from that of trading! Referring back to my three pages long messy scribbles in my notebook, in trading, when price of a stock goes up, it doesn't mean there's no demand or there's an over supply! When price goes up, it's because no one is willing to sell.

[caption id="attachment_8117" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]The Loving Mum trying out a class at Online Trading Academy Singapore See how serious I was in class! (Actually I'm just really very confused with all those red and green lines!)[/caption]

Using technical analysis through the use of candlesticks chart pattern, I can (almost) 99% identify the "Area of Bank" where these forms the signals where banks and institutions will start to put their cash into the market. Tips of the day: Bank will convince you to do the opposite of what they want to achieve. So we got to always put our emotions (wahhh... pain leh keep losing or WAHHH! Going up leh quick sell!) away into the store when we trade.

As a cancerian, putting emotions aside is almost impossible lah! This is why my heart is just too weak for trading of any kind. My attempt at bitcoins and ETH was short lived, but I did earn about S$30 from this lah so not bad right? LOL!

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Location of the workshop attended:
Online Trading Academy Singapore
Aperia Mall, #03-09 12 Kallang Avenue Singapore 339511