Cheaper Japanese Products Now Available in Singapore, And You Can Shop 24/7!

I am quite a fan when come to products from Japan... I love Muji, love Uniqlo, love Tokyo Hands and I just fell head over heals with Don Don Donki! YES! The huge retail chain from Japan is opening it's first store in Singapore on Friday 1 Dec right here at Orchard Central. I did a quick walk through at the store preview today and found these which I love, and now I can get them at a cheaper price at Don Don Donki!

Here's sharing with you some of the awesomeness in the store...

My girls will go crazy when they see this, and with that kind of price tag, who can say no to some guilty (and finger licking good) pleasure? There are all kind of chips and snacks direct from Japan at Don Don Donki. Bring your own huge shopping bags if you're planning to stock up.

We love this Calbee Granola Mix and this is the CHEAPEST I saw so far in Singapore!

Green tea Kit Kat anyone?? $3.90 only leh!

Salmon Sashimi!!! There are huge slaps of fresh salmon from just $17! The $3.50 sign I can't recall what's that for though... so don't quote me if you can't find this promo at their opening on Friday, 1 Dec.

$2.90 EACH for such HUGEEEEEE Red Apples!!! Imma going to lug them home later... I like how they clearly label the different types of apples and their level of sourness, sweetness and hardness! So smart and makes shopping much more easier!

And these $9.90 CASIO watch makes the PERFECT gift for kids! Buying two for my girls!

And the craziness goes on as you walk through the two storeys at Orchard Central...

More can be found on my Don Don Donki photo story at

Don Don Donki Flagship Store in Singapore
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Location: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central Basement 1 and 2