My Little Pony Movie Ice Cream Now at Swensen's

The girls cannot say no to anything with My Little Pony on it. The number of ponies around our house ranges from the big plushies, to the medium ones and then the small key rings kind and the plastic figurines of all sizes! When we were invited to dinner at Swensen's to try their Christmas menu, I had no idea what I was in for.

They were faster than me in reaching out for the menus and were too engrossed deciding between Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash sundaes... it took us awhile to decide which sundae they wanted and it was relatively quick on their choice of kids meals. Priorities!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Missy Z taking a closer examining of the Little Pony ice-creams...[/caption]

After placing our orders, we were asked if we wanted the ice-cream to be served now or later, I told the ladies to just bring it all on! And so our dinner that day was of mixed flavours... kinda helped speed up the process actually. It took us half the usual time we take on a daily basis when we have our dinner at home.

The kids went... one scoop of rice... one scoop of ice-cream... followed by a piece of fries... and we did this several rounds!

While the kids had fun with their mouth bursting with flavours, the parents shared a mixed platter from Swensen's Christmas menu.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Mixed of spicy shrimps, black pepper turkey and chicken bratwurst.[/caption]

Swensen's has been one of our family's go-to place for our family meals because it's almost at every shopping malls we frequent! Makes it easier when the girls enjoy their Kid's Meals too which comes with a main course for kids, milo (or juices) and a free gift for the little ones.

As I typed this, I'm also checking out their Christmas catalogue! I didn't know they have Christmas feast options for home parties too. Considering this for my family's gathering on the eve. Hmmm... time to start planning!