Taking my Wellness to another level with Absolute, Yes I'm Back!

After two years of managing my life with a new level of stress from life, work and family, I started to stretch horizontally and up to one point when I was weighing heavier than my other half! THIS CAN NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Having experienced the effortless, sweat-less and fuss-free slimming treatment with Absolute Slimming two years ago, I have decided to head back for more!

With new found determination and motivation, I have re-started my weight loss program which I call #TLMgetfit. One of the main push is largely due to the fact that my agency is growing to become a collective of young, dynamic and beautiful people, so I need to fit in lah! And I look sooooo round on TV! OMG!!! And also have you seen Soon Koon's transformation thanks to Absolute Slimming's program??? He is one big motivation for me when I saw how he lost half of his mass and look so young now! jealous

And so.... I'm back! BIGGER and ROUNDER than before! This was me as of late November 2017...

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Weight: 75Kg / Waist: Cannot be found.[/caption]

OMG! So round so fat! Can you see the DOUBLE CHIN?! If you think I look ok online with the different profile photos I posted, well... it's all Act ?? ok! You know the saying goes... "Fake it till you make it!" So this and this are all the results of beauty camera mode (Huawei Mate 9 yeah!) and the ever so illusion make-up plus app (thanks Meitu)!

Ok... enough self-confession. With my busy schedule that makes it impossible for me to lose weight through my own means, I opted to return to Absolute Slimming to regain my ahem slimmer self.

Except now things are a little different.

After serving their loyal and growing base of customers for 15 years, the same people from Absolute Slimming has recently launched their new concept: Absolute Wellness.

Absolute Wellness  was set up thanks to their clientele’s feedback and wishes. If you’re a busy professional who has to juggle work and family, finding the time to go for treatment and maintaining the recommended meal plan can be rather challenging. Not to mention if you’re someone who travels a lot, entertains a lot, or if you just enjoy good food in general (there’s nothing wrong with being a foodie ok??), you may find that you will really need extra guidance when going through a weight loss program. And that’s what Absolute Wellness sets out to do: to give you that extra help along the way!

Before Absolute Wellness came about, the only time you have with your therapist is during the hour or so treatment.

Now with Absolute Wellness, they provide a more high-touch service to help us achieve your desired weight or body shape. The pace is more relaxed, and the consultants pay extra attention to your lifestyle and food intake. You also get the option to have 1-on-1 sessions with a meal plan consultant if you need extra help with your meal planning:

"If you cannot follow the meal plan strictly because you need to attend networking nights and drinking sessions, we’re here to help. Let us know and we will help guide you on what you can look out for and how you can tweak your eating habits based on your preferences." - this is how I hear it lah during my recent visit back. Not in the exact words but the point is there! So I’m looking forward to seeing how this service can help me over the next few months.

Two years ago, I had my treatments at their first store at Holland Village which has since been relocated. From then till their current facelift at Absolute Wellness, located at Orchard Central, the moment I first saw the big red logo, white walls and enters the place, goosebumps were popping all over my arms! IT'S SUCH A GREAT TRANSFORMATION! Just like how they have been helping their customers transformed. Just look at the new space they have!

[caption id="attachment_8187" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Absolute Wellness at Orchard Central Level 3[/caption]

Comparing this with the one I saw two years ago at Holland Village...

[caption id="attachment_8186" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Absolute Slimming at Holland Village (no longer in operation)[/caption]

See why the goosebumps?? Huge difference!

I love the way they have planned and done up Absolute Wellness. The space is definitely more inviting and gives me a chance to slow down and just enjoy the treatment. I love how the treatment room is now more spacious with partitioned walls instead of the old rooms at HV with just a curtain drawn between customers. Though the CSH therapy treatment is exactly the same as Absolute Slimming, the vibe and service level is different.

I feel more relaxed and truly enjoy the session better at Absolute Wellness.

Remember... this is the me before my CSH therapy treatment with Absolute Wellness...

When you read this, I would have almost completed 1 month with Absolute Wellness. Two years ago I dropped 3.5kg after my first month, let’s see how much I drop this time. Watch this space as I reveal my transformation with Absolute Wellness!

Absolute Wellness
181 Orchard Road
#03-20 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 68370640

Opening Hours
Mon–Sat: 11am to 9pm (last appt at 8pm)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays