8 Activities to Beat Confinement Boredom

Don't we all agree to some extent that confinement break is great -- your bodies have time to rest and recover from all the stress and trauma, it’s an extended (paid!) break off work and there’s time to spend caring for our little one -- but honestly, when you are not busy losing sleep, sometimes this extended period of rest can get a little boring. We totally get it, so here are some ways you can relieve some confinement boredom:

Play with your baby

Sounds obvious, but do you know that some ways of playing with your newborn are better than others? Within the first 3 months, babies can distinguish sources of sounds, imitate expressions, make little actions like opening and closing their fists, and their eyes begin to recognize patterns.

Thus, certain playing are better than others in stimulating your baby to learn, play and develop. Examples of such playing include: gently clap their hands together, stretch their hands (crossed, out wide, overhead), move your baby’s legs as if pedalling a bicycle, or use a toy for your baby to focus on and shake and rattle for the baby to find.

Journal your baby’s growth with an app

Ladies who have been mothers before can certainly testify that our babies grow up faster than we can imagine - in a blink of an eye, they have zoomed past their first smile, first month, first words, first walk… Seriously, where has all the time gone?

Many choose to lock all these precious milestones down by documenting them in a physical journal or an online blog. Alternatively, opt for a baby photo album or journaling app. It is usually less time-consuming and less costly, but is just as rewarding.

Moments Baby Journal Mobile App

One of our favourites has to be the Moments Baby Journal App. It has one of the most adorable and beautiful sticker and frame packs we have come across (trust us, we have seen plenty)! Good way to make your baby’s photos look more adorable than it already is. What more, you can track your baby’s growth with it as the app automatically stores the photos in a neat timeline.

Find it on App store or Play store.

Send Thank-You cards

Having a baby is a big affair, and during pregnancy, delivery, and even now - postpartum care - there are many people who would have lent a helping hand along the way. From our gynaecologists, hospital nurses, nannies to family and friends, sending them thank-you cards is definitely one of the sweetest ways to show appreciation for their love and care.

Moreover, multiple studies have suggested that expressing gratitude leads to improved physical and psychological health, as well as better sleep -- the kinds of vitamins a new mommy can definitely use.

For tips on how to create gorgeous DIY thank-you cards, visit The Spruce

Go for a stroll

It is a well-known fact that going for a walk or stroll has been scientifically proven to boost moods, energy, and regulate stress. Another great reason to do this low-cardio activity is that walking can be a good kickstarter to shaping up postpartum bodies!

Community parks, nature parks and walking trails spread the entire island and in the neighbourhoods and it will be such a waste to not make use of them to soak up some fresh air. Yes, Singapore’s hot and humid weather definitely could be a put-off sometimes, so opt for an evening or post-dinner stroll when weather is cooler if you want to avoid that excessive perspiration!

Simple postnatal workouts

Throw a coin in a sea of new mothers on confinement break and you could easily hit one that is dreaming of their pre-pregnancy bodies. Mothers, be proud of your bodies - you look fabulous just the way you are - but if you are hoping to be more active and to get into an ideal shape, simple postnatal workouts is definitely the healthy and fun way to start!

Besides all-around workout sites like fitpregnancy, YouTube is another convenient way to look for such workouts. An example is YouTube channel, BeFit. Just search along the lines of “postnatal workouts” and move away. However be sure to engage only in low-impact ones as your body is still recovering, or consult your doctor just to be safe as every mum’s body is different and unique!

Do some crafts

If you are feeling bored, why not do some crafts that can be used as decoration for your baby’s new room? From DIY baby crib mobiles to adorable garlands to decorate your new nursery room, tons of fun and creativity awaits.

Knitting or Crocheting

Knitting has been always been immensely popular as a hobby, not only because it ends products are oh-so-fluffy and pretty, but also there are reportedly many health benefits from engaging in this activity. Crocheting, a ‘cousin’ of knitting that employs different techniques, has also been gaining popularity in recent years.

We reckon knitting or crocheting can surely keep you engaged in when you are feeling bored during your confinement break, as projects range from small to big, so it’s easy to find one you like. However, we recommend you to start from small projects, as it takes a bit of time to get the hang of the various knitting or crocheting techniques.

There is a whole slew of websites dedicated to teaching knitting and crocheting, or head over to YouTube to start exploring this incredibly fulfilling hobby.

Colour your life with colouring books

Forget that colouring books are only for children, especially since adult colouring books can have extremely intricate designs, so much so that some takes a good deal of time to complete! In fact, at one point of time adult colouring books were extremely popular; you could see rows and row of them in Popular Bookstores across the island.

Colouring requires the use of relaxed focus, and along with the repetition of colouring strokes, it can help you de-stress, feel calm and clear your mind. Besides, to create a beautiful colouring artwork, you need to employ some creative flair, and the final completed work will certainly bring a sense of accomplishment.

Adult colouring books can be easily found in major bookstores or online markets.