Absolute Slimming 101 - To Cheat (Eat) Or Not To Cheat?

I went from 75KG to 68.6KG in a month, without dieting pills, fat freezing or workouts at the gym. It simply boiled down to relaxing non-invasive treatments and watching what I eat (most of the time). Here's a rundown of how I did it over the super indulging holiday season. The result shocked me!

The Push To Get Fit (Again)

Don't you hate it when you meet your long-time-no-see relatives and friends, and they tell you how fortunate and happy your life must have been because you've put on some weight? And you'll smile and try to brush this off with quick "Oh yeah... my love has been feeding me well!". Or your grandma who sees you once in a few months asked if you're pregnant?? OMG! Yup, that's what my grandma was asking me in September when I visited. And when she saw me on Christmas Eve, she asked what happened to me as I had lost so much weight! Grinning

Getting Used To Better Eating Habits

To be very very honest, having been through Absolute Slimming’s CSH therapy program two years ago, the thought of returning for treatments was calling out to me for a very long time. If you haven’t read my previous articles, CSH therapy is a weight loss program by Absolute Slimming that uses Chinese techniques that increase your metabolism and help you slim down naturally and lastingly.

However, with my recent crazy hectic schedules for work and family, I knew I couldn't commit to the twice-a-week sessions or commit to any strict diets which consist of food that my children will probably go on a hunger strike if I were to bring back packed dinner to fit my diet.

Turns out, I had little to worry about. At their new Absolute Wellness @Orchard Central branch, things are little different. Absolute Wellness takes a more holistic approach to weight loss – it’s no longer so much of a “one-size-fits-all” thing. Instead, they customize their approach to your weight loss based on your lifestyle, your food options, your working habits etc.

Thanks to this new approach that the team at Absolute Slimming has made and with the push to get fit, I'm finally progressing towards my new and improved self again! Fitting into my slim-cut Levis jeans from two years ago, getting into blouses from Uniqlo and the constant desire to wanna selfie just because I'm looking better now; have you seen my recent personal Instagram feed?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] I’ve even started selfing during lunch loh! #narcissisticmuch[/caption]

This time round, I got a little more adventurous with the food I eat, also due to the holiday seasons which fell in the same period as my treatments. The folks at Absolute Wellness knows that realistically, most people can only stick to a meal plan about 70% to 90% of the time – so they were happy to work with me based on my limited ability to follow their meal plan.

Stop Snacking Completely Vs Snacking A Little and Balancing It

For me, one of the biggest challenge during treatment is finding and deciding what food to eat. For most people who’d rather lose weight via their own means, getting fit is very much strict diet and regular exercise, while in my case it’s more not-so-strict diet and “napping” during my twice-a-week treatments. For this I count myself lucky.
Absolute Wellness usually recommends a high-protein, high-fiber diet during their treatment (of course exactly which food they’ll recommend you to take depends on your lifestyle, so it’ll vary between people). Following the meal plan may get a little tricky when you have temptations calling out to you everywhere (worst during festive seasons!), and the little kids in the family who push leftovers to you on a daily basis.

What I discovered this time during my treatment period is finding the right balance between “cheat meals” (like the buffet spreads over 3 consecutive days during Christmas) and following the suggested meal plan from Absolute Slimming. A simple breakdown goes something like this:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] One of the spread I had over Christmas...[/caption]

Day 1 - Two days before Christmas
Breakfast: Black Coffee and two soft boiled eggs
Lunch: Indulge in Christmas takeouts spread, avoiding carbs and sweet treats
Dinner: Balance out with a kiwi or a cup of non-fat yogurt

Day 2 - Christmas Eve
Breakfast: Black Coffee and slice of wholemeal bread with scrambled egg
Lunch: Indulge in Christmas buffet spread, avoiding carbs and sweet treats
Dinner: Balance out with an apple or leftover vegetables from lunch

Day 3 - Christmas Day
Breakfast: Black Coffee and two soft boiled eggs
Lunch: Bowl of green salad without dressing
Dinner: Indulge in Christmas dinner with family at Sentosa!

As the folks at Absolute Wellness say, if you have to pig out, go ahead and pig out… as long as you go back to eating clean again for a few days after that – that means staying away from refined carbs (such as rice and pasta), sweets and salt, stay hydrated and ensure smooth transitions in the ahem toilet.

The Shocking Reveal

Due to busy schedule and the desire to just spend more time with family, I took a 2 week break in the middle of my first month of treatment, returning 14 days later only to discover my weight and overall body statics was still going the right (downward) direction, despite not being able to come back for treatment or follow the meal plan. Having an enhanced metabolism makes a huge difference!

Now, I’ve completed my 8th session at Absolute Wellness the week after Christmas and lost a total of 6.4KG! That’s also 7cm loss around my tummy, 5cm loss around my waist, and more.

The progress this time is a lot more than my experience from 2 years ago where I lost 3.5KG after the first 8 sessions. I am truly stunned by my own progress, especially when I haven’t been following as strictly the meal plan as I had previously. This could also be due to my metabolism adapting better and faster to the program since I’m returning to the same treatments and routine. shrug

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="534"] Weight: 68.6Kg / Waist: Somewhere there already!/ Eyes: Too small[/caption]

I started rounder and fatter this time round, so I have still quite a bit to go before I return to my previous best. But then again, I’m not targeting to hit that now cos I’m very happy with still keeping a little cushion so that my girls can cuddle my cosily into me when we hug. :)

If you want to read more about my previous experiences with Absolute Slimming, here are the links to the previous sharing:

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Disclaimer: What works for me may not work for all, the above experience is of my own and not influenced by third party. I really do my best to keep my eating (and toilet runs) and weight in control. Slimming is a very personal experience, believe you can and you can!

Featured image was me in July, me before my treatment and me now. Can see me getting smaller? :P