Vivid Sydney 2018 - Highlights for Family with Kids

We had so much fun last year at Vivid Sydney and we hope we can find time this year to visit again! There are so many activities happening and you get to enjoy them all in winter breeze! We really loved our experience last year and we're sure you will too!

If we do get a chance to visit again in June, here are some of the highlights from Vivid Sydney 2018 we would love to check out!

LIGHT: BallPit – The Rocks // throughout festival

BALLpit transforms historic Cadmans Cottage into a virtual space where visitors swim, jump, push and dance through rooms filled with tens of thousands of virtual, responsive toy balls.

LIGHT: The Garden of Sweeties – The Rocks // throughout festival

The Garden of Sweeties invites families and children to learn more about how solar panels, luminescent powder and mechanical energy can be used as a source of renewable energy. The artist has created a work that in a sweet way educates and builds awareness of the environment, with the aim to help prepare young people to meet the challenges of the future.

LIGHT: Aqeous – Royal Botanic Gardens //throughout festival

Aqueous is an interactive day to night landscape of meandering pathways of light. Reflection and shifting colour and light react to audience participants as they run and walk along the pathway. To interact with the platforms, one must engage actively within the sculpture by stepping, running, jumping, or playing along the pathway. These user-based interactions alter the light and colour of the sculpture.

IDEAS: Creative Thinking & Inventing for Kids – The Rocks // 9 June

In this exciting, lively and fun two-hour event, children will uncover a problem and be guided through steps to invent a creative solution. As part of the workshop, children will be introduced to the Design Thinking process and examples of its importance in our daily life. For kids 9-12 years old.

IDEAS: {Programme the Future} with Code Club Australia – Start-Up Hub, 11-31 York St, Sydney NSW 2000 // 26 May

{Program Your Future} is a fun, family-friendly event that inspires kids and parents to program their world. Brought to you by Code Club Australia, this full-day hackathon is the place to be for girls and boys ready to explore innovation, art and STEM. Throughout the day, parents, carers and kids work together to develop computational skills, critical thinking and entrepreneurial prowess.

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