Google Home In Our House And Here's Our Family's Favorite "Hey Google" Moments

You know the 1001 questions and requests your kids have daily? Well, we get that too and on many days, I really just to tell them to "Ask Google" because that's what Mummy will do whenever she needs answers that she doesn't have. But the girls don't have 24/7 access to google because I don't want them to get stuck to the screen. When Google announced they have finally opened their Google Store in Singapore and we can now order their hardware directly and delivered, Google Home was the first in my shopping list!

Before I could check out the pre-order on 18 April, friends from Google has kindly invited us to a House Party and stated that no housewarming gift was required. Instead they gifted all their guests! And this is probably my favourite housewarming gift ever!

Say hello to Google Home, our family's favorite assistant for all things digital.

Before Google Home entered our family, the girls will flood the tired parents (us lah!) questions...

"How do you spell __________?", "When is Christmas coming?", "I want to listen to that What I like song!"... and some of the questions get repeated so often I feel like a broken record!

That very night when I introduced the term "Hey Google!" to them, things got a little crazy up to a point I think Google Home got confused and went silent for a few minutes...

The Loving Mum tries Google Home

The girls now love interacting with Google! They talk, learn, laugh, sing and even dance together! Here's how the little ones are using Google Home...

1/ They learn Chinese! 

Hey Google, how to say rainbow in Chinese?
Ok Google, what is dinosaur in Chinese?
Hey Google, how do you say "Let's go to Sentosa and play!" in Chinese?

If only Google can teach them how to recognise Chinese characters too and do homework together with them! LOL!

2/ They learn to spell with Google.

Hey Google, how do you spell helicopter? ... spell refrigerator...

3/ They ask Google for riddles and jokes.

4/ They requests for songs and they dance!

Hey Google, play My Little Pony song! (I've linked my Spotify account to our Google Home.)

5/ They ask Google many weird questions, and Google doesn't know how to reply.... "Sorry I'm still learning..."

Google has become their bff for now and Mummy gets a little more time to chill....

Of cos, Google Home can do more than the above. When connected smartly with compatible devices you can set up your own smart home solution where you can ask Google to turn on the lights, fan, TV, screen your favorite Netflix show on TV and much more. I've not gotten to setting up that many integrations around our home, but I hope to one day. Setting up Google Home is super simple, plug in and it auto detects from the Google Home app on your mobile.

For now we use it primarily entertainment purposes, and I get to check my event for the day (connected to my google calendar) and get news headlines and today's weather when I greet Google good morning.

Do you have a Google Home at home too or similar devices from the other brands? Share any tips and tricks too so we can Hey Google together!