Rayo S1 The Pocket Projector That We Never Thought We Wanted

We can now have our own home cinema and presentation and with quite a pocket-friendly solution. We spent a couple of weeks with the Canon Rayo S1 and we enjoyed our time with it. For the non-techie, the Canon Rayo S1 is a mini projector that is small, lightweight, wireless and rather powerful. It connects wirelessly to your computer and mobile phone and it can also become your standby power bank with 3,800mAH capacity for smartphone charging.

[caption id="attachment_8277" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Canon Rayo S1 Projector is so compact and powerful, we can use it for both works and play![/caption]

The Canon Rayo S1 comes with it's embedded OS that allows you to surf the internet and enjoy many apps in a single projector with built-in 4GB harddisk. With the internal battery that can lasts up to 2 hours, you can store video clips and play it at a BBQ or camping trip! Portable entertainment to keep the little ones occupied while you get the food ready!

[caption id="attachment_8278" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Set the Rayo S1 on a mini tripod and you get your very own home cinema![/caption]

At home, we setup our home cinema with the Rayo S1 on a mini-tripod, we were quite impressed with the audio from the built-in speakers! Some sure was enjoying her time watching her favorite cartoons on such big "screen"!

[caption id="attachment_8279" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Better than watching on the tiny screen imho...[/caption]

The Canon Rayo S1 was also brought to the office for our team meetings. Texts on the projection was sharp and everyone can view the projection even when external lights were left on.

[caption id="attachment_8281" align="aligncenter" width="900"] The projection is visible and sharp too even when the room is lighted. Useful for office presentation.[/caption]

The Canon Rayo S1 is available on the Canon eShop and retailing at S$599.