Breezy Night at Singapore Night Fest 2018

We usually avoid heading out during school nights as the little ones will get cranked up easily due to the lack of nap in the day. But yesterday was a breezy day and the weather was too good to stay indoors. So we headed out to the last week of Singapore Night Festival 2018, starting our journey at Capitol Singapore for FierS à Cheval, which the girls named it the dancing horses after that evening.

FierS à Cheval for Singapore Night Festival at Capitol Singapore

Comparing with my other friends who are parents, I think I am ranked amongst the lowest in terms of engaging my children in outdoor activities. 9 out of 10 times when we have an intention to leave the house, we will end up lazing at home instead. And when that happens, 8 out of these 9 times will be spent watching videos or playing electronic games. That's why we started taking notice of our eyes condition and began our annual eye checks for the whole family.

It actually felt great last night when we went with the flow around a part of the Singapore Night Festival. It reminded Ayra and me of our times in Sydney last year when we roamed around in the winter nights at Vivid Sydney. We started at 7.30 pm and ended back at Capitol Singapore around 11 pm, camping around the basement with our cup noodles from 7-eleven because we missed dinner and everywhere was closed by the time we finished our route at the night fest. 

We visited Lyf at SMU which we spent the most of our night at because it was packed with many activities for the little ones. After much resistant, and telling the girls that there are more to see elsewhere, we strolled towards The Peranakan Museum where we were just in time for a contemporary dance performance which intrigued the girls and me. Following them into the museum where we were left to explore the place. It was the girls' first visit here too. 

After that, we walked towards SMU Green and was hoping to find a place for dinner, but instead we found ourselves at 8Q SAM where the girls went exploring at the current installation at Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time. We also managed to take a break in one of the rooms set up theatre style screening a series of short animations. Just nice when we reached "The Girl and The Cat" by our friends at Robot Playground Media just started screening. If you've not caught it yet, spend the next 15 mins watching it below. The girls loved it!

8Q SAM was our last stopped for the night and we set off back towards Capitol Singapore to look for dinner, which ended up as cup noodles from 7-eleven. 

We had fun spending time together and just doing things mindlessly. We should do this more often. If only our weather here is cool like that most of the time!