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My pair of eyes is one of those parts which I pay little care and attention to because I have a perfect vision! Until one day when I was driving to work in the morning and my eyes went blurred for that split second and I almost lost sight of what was in front of me! I didn't dare take the driver's seat after that day and I was determined to find the root cause of my recent eye issues.

Our eyesight is one of the most important senses and yet I've never thought I needed to check on it regularly, just like how I'm still sitting on the fence to schedule for my first ever health checkup! Having a clear vision is a complicated and intricate process and as we get older, the eye will be subject to damages and disease that I wasn't aware of until I took time to research about it after my visit to W Optics. Being aware of changes in our vision is important and that's exactly why I'm going to schedule yearly review and checks for my whole family.

Cheaper than walk-in checkup at the National Eye Centre

If you think your eyesight needs a check too, you will usually go to any optical shop for a basic check and maybe get a pair of specs to fix the issue, or plan a visit to the Singapore National Eye Centre for a more comprehensive check that will start you out at $95. At W Optics, a comprehensive eye examination will cost you slightly cheaper at $80.

The W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination is a 30-minute eye examination using no less than five clinical grade equipment to detect a variety of eye conditions. Through these examinations, it will enable the optometrist to prescribe the most appropriate corrective lenses or alternative vision solutions. A service provider who places customers’ eye health firstW Optics is the first optical retail chain in Singapore to offer such a comprehensive eye examination, available only at the Suntec City flagship and Great World City stores.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] One of the eye examination rooms with the clinical grade equipment[/caption]

During my visit, I did a few examinations and the optometrist was very experienced and friendly. I was told that an individual's "EYExperience" will be unique as the number of tests to be carried out is determined by your eye's condition... in other words, the more tests you do may not be a good thing! But for all customers, you will go through these 6 comprehensive tests at least!

  1. History taking, objective refraction and subjective refraction (These tests are performed at conventional optical stores.)
    To gather information about the patient’s experience of existing visual correction, lifestyle and general health. Check the eyes for autorefraction and perform Keratometry reading to measure corneal curvature. Checks for myopia/ hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, pupillary distance & dominant eye.

  2. Vision Function 
    Checks for squint eye, lazy eye, colour deficiency.

  3. Amsler Grid
    Checks macular (Central retina) health.

  4. Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy 
    Checks contact lens fitting, cornea integrity, dry eyes, anterior chamber angle, eyelids condition, crystalline lens health (cataract).

  5. Tonometry
    Checks for eye pressure (Intraocular pressure).

  6. Fundus Photography
    Checks mid-peripheral retina health, optic discs and macular health.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]W Optics Suntec City Image of my eyeballs taken with Canon Retinal Fundus Photography[/caption]

The above tests should take about 30 minutes unless you are like me, who has 1001 questions for theoptometrist and I took slightly more than an hour to complete the tests and pick out my STEALER glasses. GLASSES? Didn't you say you have perfect vision? Yes! I ended my session with a pair of glasses, my first after more than 30 years. My vision is 100% perfect and I did impress the optometrist when I read out the smallest alphabets during the test! But when he brought out a card right in front of my eyes, my vision became a little unclear! Old liao lah! Cannot siam from lao hua! "Presbyopia (Lao Hua) is an age-related condition in which a person is unable to focus on near objects. Presbyopia (Lao Hua) is an inevitable natural ageing process of the eye and usually begins at around 40 years old." - Source.

It is NOT that serious that I need a prescribed lens but to help reduce the speed of damage and to protect my eyes from the harmful blue-violet lights emitted from the many screens I face daily (a total of more than 10 hours every day!), the optometrist at W Optics suggested Eyezen lens. Eyezen lens relieve eye strain and help to protect our eyes from the harmful blue light, especially for us who spends so much time in front of digital screens! Eyezen lens help relax our eyes in front of screens, filter out harmful blue-violet light and give us sharp vision all day.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]W Optics at Suntec City This wall attracted my attention when I stepped into W Optics at Suntec City! Very clear and engaging station to understand the different types of lens.[/caption]

Thank you W Optics and your friendly optometrist for educating this sotong Mum the importance of proper and regular eye check-ups. I'll be back soon with my whole family for them to experience W EYExperience!


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