Keeping Our Children's Sight In Check

We parents all know that it is almost impossible to not expose our children in this digital age from technology... the iPads, tablets, mobile phones and in school they learn on the computer too. All these devices emit blue light that can cause problems with our eyes when overexposed to the blue light over a period of time. 

It is important for me to ensure my children get the necessary checks annually to prevent any possible changes that need more care which we may not know if left unnoticed. After my personal experience with W Optics EYExperience, I brought my family back to get their sights checked as well.

My two girls are exposed to blue light every single day, from the very beginning of their day before they leave for school, they will watch cartoons on an iPad while eating their breakfast; till the last hour before they fall asleep, their eyes will be exposed to the light from the TV screen or the mobile devices while in bed. I'm such a bad mum I know, but I am not alone right? So let the kids be kids and do the necessary preventions whenever we can.

Being their first visit to the optometrist, they were quite excited as everything they saw was new to them as you can see from the video above or on The Loving Mum Facebook.

 Big sister getting her eyes check at the Auto-Refractor

I was pleased to see my elder one who is usually very shy and reluctant to do things with strangers, who managed to complete her EYExperience with her optometrist without any resistant with her Father tagging behind. Kudos to the friendly optometrist who managed to get this shy one to relax and respond cooperatively.

After her checks, she was able to share her experience candidly with me and I knew it really went well. 

But the process was quite a hair-pulling one, at least for me lah, when I followed my younger one around. Usually, children below 6 don't go through this process as they are too young to follow the whole routine. I tell you, if I were the optometrist who conducted the routine checks with Zara, I would have lost my cool mid-way through cos the little ones simply cannot sit still nor give accurate responses for me to determine the accuracy of the checks. Thankful for the experienced and very very very patient lady who managed to do all that is necessary with Zara which may have had taken a much longer duration than usual.

Playful Zara was alternating her eyes faster than requested! *pull hair loh*

Zara being cheeky was referring to icon of a rabbit as a frog and an aeroplane became a bird!

It is comforting to know both their eyes are in normal condition and doesn't require any glasses or preventive measures. The girls were also reminded how they should take care of their eyes and to ensure they keep a safe distant away from the devices when they watch videos or play games on the tablets. 

When I asked if they want to do the checks again, both replied with resounding YES! And they also promised to remember what they learned and will not put the tablet too close to their eyes anymore. 

Thank you W Optics for keeping our children's and our eye sights in check! 

No Ayra doesn't need glasses, she just love how this looked on her. >.<

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