Activities for Family and Children at The Residence Bintan

The Residence Bintan is more than just a "hotel room", it is a beautiful resort by the beach with huge space to run around, cycle or for the not so active ones, there is complimentary buggy service to bring you wherever you want around The Residence Bintan.

While we were at The Residences Bintan, we spent a lot of time basking under the sun, soaking ourselves till our fingers and toes turned all wrinkled and pruny in the pool.

Never play outdoor without sunscreen! >,<

There are a lot of activities around the resort for everyone in the family...

Kakatu Kids Club

For children 3 to 17, Kakatu Kids Club holds a complimentary daily program for all guests from 9 am to 5 pm. Children will get to engage with other little guests at The Residence Bintan and all activities are guided and conducted by very friendly and children-loving team.

For kids like mine, who want to do things at their own pace and time, Kakatu Kids Club also welcomes kids to walk-in to do anything they want any time of the day, till 5 pm.

The outdoor play area that we didn't get to enjoy while we were there due to the rain.
Credit to The Residence Bintan

There's giant Jenga and other family games for everyone.
Credit to The Residence Bintan

This room, the movie room, is the most popular for the little ones! Even I was tempted to go for a swing and throw myself into these comfy bean bags. 
Credit to The Residence Bintan

Spa & Wellness

Settle your little ones at Kakatu Kids Club, and here's where you can head to with your spouse! This is the place for parents to unwind and spend quality me-time or couple time. Here you will find a well-equipped gym, a Yoga Studio with 2 daily classes - one in the morning and another in the late afternoon, and there is The spa by ila for some TLC for ourselves.

Credit to The Residence Bintan

I spent 120 minutes of very shiok me-time at The Spa by ila and it's worth every buck I paid. Private room with your personal space for post scrub shower before the 60-minute massage and 30-minute express facial.

Credit to The Residence Bintan

I also got to spend 60 minutes me-time with The Residence Bintan Yoga instructor and did some pretty good stretch. This Yoga Studio is very well set up with unslipped flooring and surrounded with full glass windows. Everything you need is set up and waiting for you.

Credit to The Residence Bintan

Hop on a Bike Anywhere

We spotted pretty bicycles everywhere around The Residence Bintan! I've not rode a bike for a very long time and I didn't attempt to do it while we were there. But the father did try to ride while we hopped on the buggy back to our resort after lunch, and the imagery of him struggling to cycle upslope became THE talking point whenever we passed by that slope... and we went through MANY times over the 3 days... "Ayah Ayah, you remember you cycle up here and you look so funny?..." Even up till today, back in Singapore, the girls will remind their Ayah every day! 

Here's a shot of him while we rode off in our buggy ride.

That's us cheering the father on to catch up!

Other Activities at The Residence Bintan

Paintball - ideal for group of fours

Hi-Element for the adventurous and Low Element suitable for children 7 and above
Credit to The Residence Bintan

ATV Jungle Track
Credit to The Residence Bintan

There are also wall-climbing, archery tug war, kayaking, jet ski, sailing, banana boat, knee/wakeboarding, windsurfing, snorkelling and many many more! 

Mangrove Tour

On our last day at The Residence Bintan, we took a 20 minutes ride out for a boat ride to check out the mangrove. It was a tiring (due to the heat) but fulfilling trip for the little ones. If you're heading for this, go prepared with mosquito repellent, sunscreen and plenty of water! 

Thanks to our super guide who seems to have a super sight for spotting the many wonders of nature while we rode through the river and mangrove. "Look there's an eagle!... A black snack... Oh look there are so many monkeys! ... Can you see the kingfisher bird?..." OMG! He spotted all these while sailing the boat! Everyone onboard was impressed. 

On top of all the above activities we tried during our stay, The Residence Bintan also have many water sports available for the young and adventurous ones. 

People Vs Activities

No matter how many activities and fun things there are at the resort, it doesn't mean much if you don't have the right people to do things together with. I'm glad we took time out from our crazy schedule to spend these 3 days together. 

Our girls with Gita, their BFF during our stay

Our stay at The Residence Bintan had been superb thanks to the warm hospitality, friendly service staff everywhere around the resort and for one very special person, Gita. He brought the most joy and laughter to our girls from the first step they took at the resort till the goodbye. If you do get to visit The Residence Bintan, say hi to Gita for us!

Find out more about The Residence Bintan over at their website.

This trip is made possible by The Residence Bintan, all opinions and sharing are our own! We REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVED IT!