Food We Tried at The Residence Bintan (A LOT OF FOOD!)

One biggest worry when travelling with children for me, and probably fellow mums and pops, would probably be food for the little ones. Especially for fussy eaters like my eldest! Will there be kids food for them to eat and what if they refuse to eat anything during the trip?

Our first meal at The Residence Bintan literally chased my worries away. They had Kids Menu! Rejoice! In fact, all the restaurants has got Kids Menu but my girls had the same food over two meals because they loved it so much! So what was so yummy that made my fussy eaters gave their two thumbs up? Find out below loh...

At The Residence Bintan, there are three main dining options - The Dining Room, Rica Rica (pronounced Richa Richa) and The Pool Bar. The Residence Bintan also offers Private Dining and BBQ Dining options too. We tried all except for private dining during our 3D2N stay and I must say everything tasted oh-so-good! We all put on extra pounds after this short trip! *blurb*

Each time a conversation strikes with a staff at The Residence Bintan, I will hear recommendation to try the Beef Rendang at Rica Rica, even during an afternoon Yoga class! So let's start with this highly recommended dish...

Dinner at Rica Rica

Rica Rica offers guests a taste of Indonesia. We got to savour the flavours of authentic Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist. They use locally sourced ingredients for exceptional quality and freshness. Rica Rica opens only for dinner, and a reservation is highly recommended! We headed there on our second night and almost didn't get a table.

Beef Rendang at Rica Rica, The Residence Bintan

I had the above for dinner after Yoga class that day and oh my tummy! This tasted very authentic and is filled with many flavours, the beef was very very tender and it went very well with my choice of fragrant coconut rice. I would have asked for a second serving if we hadn't ordered that much food that night.

Besides the highly raved rendang, we also tried the soup (I cannot recall but it was the last one on the soup menu list), fried vegetables and the grilled lobster gado gado. The kids ordered beef bolognese with penne pasta and fish and chips, both not pictured here as they were too hungry!

The Dining Room

The Dining Room is an all-day dining restaurant, we had our daily breakfast and our final lunch before we checked-out at The Dining Room. Here you will find a mix of western and asian cuisine.

For breakfast, there was a good selection of food choices, we tried all the varieties in small portion and everything tasted great. The little one was a little less adventurous as usual and stuck with hash browns, waffles and some cereals.

Donuts for breakfast? Why not!

Lunch on our last day was spent at The Dining Room, a very good round-up for our stay. I ordered the ribeye steak and he ordered an Indonesian styled grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves. And when my beef arrived, I almost fell off my seat, it was two huge pieces of the most tender, juicy and well-seasoned piece of ribeye! Of course, I finished them all even when I was already 200% full after 3/4 of it.

Ayra loves the penne pasta which I love too! It was super yum!

Zara loves the Fish and chips at The Dining Room

The Pool Bar

For light bites and lunch by the pool, The Pool Bar serves up light bites including pizzas and burgers and variety of cooling drinks - shakes, juices, cocktails and mocktails. 

BBQ Dinner

On the first night of our stay at The Residence Bintan, a private BBQ Dinner session was setup at The Pool Bar for all the media families for this trip. EVERYTHING and I really mean EVERYTHING served that night was sooooo good! 

You can see from the following photos my tastebud and tummy was treated super well that night. The BBQ food tasted very well on their own but the Chilli Queen me cannot resists the choice of chilis that complemented the meat so well! 

If you are looking for a short getaway wholesome for the mind, soul and tummy, you know The Resistance Bintan can be among your top choices! Read more about our experience at The Resistance Bintan here.