We Like it Deep Loud and Bold! Meet our Creative Stage Air

Who remembers Creative? Well Creative was the go-to brand for audio speakers and mp3 players during my teen days! When Creative Technology reached out to us to try out a compact desktop soundbar, the Creative Stage Air, we were quite excited because it has been a while since we had any upgrade for our home entertainment.

At the usual price of S$69, how did this Creative Stage Air soundbar fair? We put it through a test with a Christmas movie on Netflix, and in the words of Zara, "I love it!". 

With the Creative Stage Air connected via bluetooth as our audio output from our TV, the Netflix experience got upgraded! You know how sometimes when you watch a movie, either we hear the talking clearly without good sound effect or we can hear the bangs and the gongs but can't really hear what the casts were talking? Ya, that's our sucky audio from our TV! Now with the Creative Stage Air, we could hear everything clearly and well balanced; it surely did enhanc the entertainment level.

The Creative Stage Air is compact enough to fit under your iMac or your computer monitor. It also fitted nicely below our TV and is now sitting at the permanent spot in our home.

The Creative Stage Air soundbar gives you the option to connect your audio output via bluetooth, aux-in and USB for mp3 playback too. Custom-tuned to deliver impressive audio, the Creative Stage Air also comes with a playtime of up to 6 hours for fuss-free audio enjoyment.

Easily control your soundbar with these buttons, +/- also toggles between tracks.

Priced at S$69, this makes an ideal Christmas gift and to make it an even sweeter deal, there is a sale on-going now on Creative e-store and the Creative Stage Air is going at just S$59

Disclaimer: The Loving Mum was sent a unit of the Creative Stage Air for purpose of this review, all opinions are our own.