First Experience with Sony and it's with the RX100 VI

This is my very first time trying out a Sony camera EVER! Used it at a few occasions over the past couple of weeks and this is my conclusion - uncertain.

Totally New UX For Me

I've used compact cameras a lot and for many years but it has always been with a Canon PowerShot. And in the recent year, I've been using mainly my mobile phone as the only source of camera. When I first turned gone into the menu for the Sony RX100 VI, the different layers of functions and settings confused me. I wasn't sure what I needed to set and to be honest, I was just not in the right mood (aka lazy) to explore every item in the menu.

AUTO All The Way

I stopped trying to be "pro" when I stopped shooting on DSLR. With technology and AI enhancement, I expect high end (read: expensive) compact cameras and mobile phones to have their best AUTO camera built for any users. So all photos shown in this post are taken in Auto mode and unedited. 

During this short trial, my experience with the Sony RX100 VI are confined to the following occasions:

  1. Girls day out at Super Park at Suntec
  2. Group Photos during Chinese New Year
  3. Night shots at Chingay 2019
  4. Day out at ToysBox by Hasbro

Sony RX100 VI For Day Shoot

The camera works great when there's plenty of light, I love how the photos turn out! The photo colour in these day shots is different from the usual colour that I get from my previous Canon cameras and mobile phones. I can't put an exact description, but after a while, I kinda like how it looks. 

"Show me your richest expression!" And this is what I got. AUTO mode on Sony RX100 VI under bright daylight, taken at ToyBox by Hasbro.

This is an impossible shot, trying to get 10 little ones to look into the camera.

Can you tell Zara is pretending? She almost finished the Supreme Passionfruit drink.

Love how the colours are balanced and real from the camera.

Sony RX100 VI For Indoor Shoot

I'd used the camera several times indoor for group photos and also tried capturing fast action shots at Super Park. Many of these shots failed to freeze the actions for a clear sharp photo. I read other reviews online that the RX100 V is a better low-light camera.

Let's start with shots taken at Super Park, most of the jump shots are blurred except for the rare one shown below. 

Photos taken at home at different time of the day, like the colours but when in AUTO mode, the camera pushes up the ISO in low-light. I tried taking shots on my Mate 20 Pro in the same setting and the photos appear brighter and more saturated. Details wise, the Sony RX100 VI retains better and clearer shot of cos.  

Not as nice when I zoomed in further to capture Zara who was seated further away from the camera.

Day time indoor shot with RX100 VI

Sony RX100 VI For Night Shoot

No tripod was used in any of these photos below taken at night - at Chingay and ToyBox by Hasbro. With the super Night mode on my mobile phone, using this camera was a kinda underwhelmed. My expectation was higher for a compact camera going at more than $1.5K.  

The Little Boy with his bubble gun at Chingay 2019

Selfie with Zara at Chingay 2019

Some photos taken with Sony RX100 VI at almost max zoom at Chingay 2019, point to note is that all the objects were moving along the street while I tried snapping.

Seated among the back rows at Chingay 2019, I tried zooming into the street parade to capture some shots. I may be pushing this use a little since I know the camera is not quite capable of low-light shoot. The result was expected, most of the photos were not good enough. 

This is one of the sharpest zoomed in shot taken that night.

My hands not steady enough lah. This posed shot also can fail. Taken at about 3x zoom.

Uncertain: Could be the user: Me

I've seen many amazing shots posted on Instagram and on photo sharing website taken with Sony RX100 VI. But the few times I used it didn't quite give me that "WOW" experience. So perhaps it is simply a user problem and not because the camera is not good enough. 

The Sony RX100 VI seem to be a better still and landscape camera but lacks performance in action shots and movement in low-light condition. Perhaps if I had gotten the settings right and spend time exploring the manual functions of the camera, I may have gotten better photos. 

Here's one of the reviews of the Sony RX 100 VI, this is quite detailed and with a table comparison for all the RX100 series which are still available for purchase at Sony store.

If you're reading this, let me know what you think of the photos shared above taken with the Sony RX100 VI camera.