Last Day for ToyBox by Hasbro: Is it worth it? Should I go?

It's the final day for ToyBox by Hasbro at Palawan Green, Sentosa. If you are still wondering if you should go, read this!

No If You Are Not for Paid Fun

If you are not willing to pay for arcade or carnival games kinda fun, then this is not for you. All activities and games at ToyBox by Hasbro come with a price tag. Though I think most are reduced for the final weekend. Price starts from 5 credits = S$5. 

The cheapest play at the carnival is the inflatable and ball pits at $5 per kid.

There are also free things to do lah, like the My Little Pony stage appearance where you'll also get to take a photo after the session, photo opportunities with roaming mascots, and watching others play loh.

Showtime at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm.

Photos with roving mascots, there's the Play-Doh Doh Dohs and Mr Monopoly.

No For Those Who Doesn't Like Hasbro

Hey it's a Hasbro branded carnival leh! If you are not a fan, then don't go lah.  

Yes! For Everything For The 'Gram

There are plenty of Instagram worthy spots at the carnival, all you'll have to pay to enter. Like to get into Monopoly City, that'll be S$8 for each pax, including kids. You do your own math whether or not you want to pay for the once-in-a-lifetime shot inside the green house and red hotel loh

Every activity is decked out with photo-worthy backdrops and setup.

Yes! For Family With Kids And Willing-to-Splurge Mindset

The difference between me and the husband is that I will never say no to fun with the little ones even if it means spending extra bucks on it. Like how I was crazy with playing at Timezone last year that I clocked enough spent to reach their Platinum status within a year. 

My damage yesterday at ToyBox by Hasbro was $122 on activities, $2 for RFID tag and $6 on a cotton candy. 

$10 for MLP-inspired hair extension, two tattoos and a DIY bracelet.

$10 to jump into the ball pool (Used to be $15 when the human crane was in play) to find three of the same coloured balls in exchange for a prize.

Because the little one call it the "My Little Pony" cotton candy, so I indulged her loh.

Yes! For Big Fans of All Things Hasbro

If you love Monopoly, My Little Pony, Cluedo, Play Doh, Baby Alive, Nerf Guns and Transformers, then don't miss this. 

Solving a clue inside Cluedo mansion, need min 4 to play and up to 6 players, each player at $8 to play.

I had the most fun inside Cluedo mansion, finding clues and solving the mystery to find who's the murderer, the weapon and room where it happened. The guide in there helped a lot too lah, else we probably won't be able to solve the mystery.

Diaper changing at Baby Alive activity, something they always wanted to try.

They have been bugging me to buy them Baby Alive for the longest time, but the hefty price tag for a plastic doll is one thing that I cannot make myself put my money in for. So here we are $10 each for some playtime with the $100+ plastic baby doll.

ToyBox by Hasbro opens till 10PM today and admission is free! Prizes can also be won too without spending a single cent by participating in their Social Media contest, take a photo with My Little Pony after their short dance session and the little one each received a MLP blind bag for free, and there are also Q&A happening at certain timing where you get to win cans of Play Doh.