Kiddomo Discovery, Your Latest Kids Wonderland in Johor Bahru R&F Mall

Mummy to Ayah on Saturday at 1.30pm: “Let’s go to JB!” And after 30mins of searching and comparing, an AirBnB was booked and I sent the entire family into a frantic state getting ready for a drive into JB for a one-night stay! That’s our first impromptu family trip and I so want to do it again!

It was Kiddomo R&F Mall second day of opening and we won some tickets from a giveaway, so on Sunday, we checked out Kiddomo before we get ourselves stuck in a 2.5hour jam back to Singapore.

Here’s what we did at Kiddomo Discovery, the latest mega indoor playground just 10-minutes walk from Johor Bahru Checkpoint inside R&F Mall.

Kiddomo Discovery at R&F Mall is the latest addition to the Kiddomo Universe, an innovative educational play land where children can excite all their senses and exercise their creative imagination in a brand new way!

For those who are familiar to the various Indoor playgrounds in Singapore, Kiddomo Discovery is like the combination of a little of Future World at Art Science Museum, with a little of Singapore Science Centre, and some of Polliwogs mashed together! At just RM140 for 2 adults and 2 children, I think this is a great place for families with young ones to spend the entire day!

With 11 experience stations at Kiddomo Discovery, everyone will get something to do, and you know the energy our kids have these days, they can play non-stop and never get tired rotating amongst these stations.


This is where everyone start at Kiddomo Discovery. With the RFID wristband given to everyone at the entrance, you’ll scan the band and create your personal profile at this station.


These stations are a combination of the “bubble tea” ball pit (that’s what I call it) where you can hunt for eggs and scan them at the discovery station to see which character you found, a crochet maze that’s super beautiful from the inside and a galaxy themed play area that comes with a illuminated slide.

When we were there, the discovery station was a little buggy, some eggs couldn’t be scanned, hope they can fix this bug soon.


Cycle your heart out on these stationary bikes and bring down animated alien spaceships invasion.


This I think is where you can host your parties and gatherings! The space is huge and with lots of lights from the windows. Can hold some super cool birthday parties here!


This is where you get to create your own hot air balloon, truck or space rocket; scan them and see them on the giant animation wall. You can also print a copy of your creativity and make it into a 3-D paper model.


Take a break here at the R cafe, we spotted cakes, drinks and kids friendly food menu.


The baby gym is a cosy corner near the cafe. It looks quite small, but there are two other zones that the below 3 can spend time playing too. One’s the pampering zone and the space across which I can’t recall the name!


This is the place for all tired parents and little ones to chill and cool down, recharge and play again! There are many USB ports spotted too for mobile charging.

We missed a few stations during our visit, so the list above is not complete.

Overall, we love the spacious playground and the many varieties of activities for all ages. We also spotted many air purifier placed around the playground, gives us better comfort and sure ups the hygiene level too.

Here’s a video of our fun time at Kiddomo Discovery, feel free to share it!

Rates and charges for Kiddomo Discovery at R&F Mall Johor Bahru as shown in the image below.

Find out more at http://kiddomo.comFacebook page and Instagram.

This post is not a sponsored post. We were lucky to have won free passes from their give-away. Thanks Alicia!