Little Fat Cow: $10 Eat-all-you-can (Vegetables) Hotpot Buffet at Greenwich V

Get individual hotpot with unlimited self-served vegetables and soup top-up at just $9.90! It's a lunch or dinner deal worth sharing with colleagues, friends and family!

Here's what you get for $9.90...
A pot of soup, free flow vegetables (self-serve) and your own mix of sauces

Choice of soup includes seafood, mala, herbal and tomato soup. Unlimited serving (FREE FLOW!) of vegetables from their self-served refrigerator, besides the usual vegetables, there are beef balls, fishballs, and instant noodles! For the adventurous spicy food lovers, mix all the 15 sauces and chilis for a SHIOK meal. Not recommended to those with weak stomach!

You can add-on to your meal of course, there are platters of chicken, seafood, mixed beef parts (i think), and three types of beef slices to choose from, there's even wagyu beef rolls at just $10.90! All from range of $6.80 to $10.80 only, very value for money!

Beef Chuck Rolls, $8.80

Beef rolls, $6.80

I first saw it on Monday and I tried the tomato soup with free flow vegetables hotpot with add-on beef chuck rolls, total I paid $18.70 for a very full-filling lunch. Greedy me took too much mushrooms and had to share the servings with my lunch kakis.

The next day, we returned and all 6 of us ordered hotpot for lunch!

Little Fat Cow just opened a month ago inside the foodcourt at Greenwich V, the crowd is little for now and I hope they will remain open long enough for us to return for hotpot lunch! So I'm sharing this value for money hotpot with all of you, hoping more will go support their business so they will remain open for as long as they can lah!

The only 2 feedbacks I have is that the spoons and bowls (more like saucer bowls) are too small for adults lah. Attempting to eat directly from the hotpot is going to confirm burn your tongue (happened to me TWICE!), hope they get new bowls for use. And lastly, the placement of the hotpot is too close to the edge, imagine leaning in to eat from your bowl and the soup bubbles into your face. So be careful when you dine at Little Fat Cow.

So, who's ready for some fat cow hotpot?

Little Fat Cow Hotpot
Inside Food Scholar (Foodcourt)
#01-09 to 10 Greenwich V
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

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