Fly-A-Way, Get Yours On Kickstarter - Sneak Peak At A Brand New To Be Launched Board Game

We love to play, and since COVID-19, when we were stuck at home, I've stocked up quite a lot of non-tech games - board games, card games, paper dolls etc, for play with the girls. One of the games we tried during Circuit Breaker was Ticket To Ride, the kids version. We've grown to play games together as a farm and when TUBER reached out to try out the to be launched board game, Fly-A-Way, well, it got us pretty stoked.

Fly-A-Way (
 is a competitive, family-friendly board game on bird migration for 2-4 players. Players take on the role of conservationists, helping birds of different species and habitats complete their autumn migration journey along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway. As birds face man-made and environmental dangers, it will be up to players to rally support for their cause—getting the public funds they need and pairing up with birders to save their feathered friends. The birds, migratory routes and events encountered in the game are a product of careful research and consultation with the team's knowledge partner BirdLife International (Asia).

The game is recommended for players 10 years old and above, and with much information and educational content in game, I was surprised that the girls managed to play through the game, with Ayra winning the game, beating the parents to rescue 6 birds! 

The game is fun, and we find that it is like a combination of a few of the games we tried before. Well, it's like playing UNO x Ticket To Ride x Monopoly? Hmm... well at least that's what the girls shared after their first game play.

About the game:   
In Fly-A-Way, players are conservationists. Players compete to place as many links on the map and complete as many migratory routes as possible for different bird species. When the route is complete for a bird, it is saved. The player gains points for saving the bird and can use its special power to place more links and save more birds. 

Along the journeys, birds are thwarted by poachers, forest fires and other threats represented by Fowl Play! cards. The players can rally support by playing Wing It! cards to save their feathered friends. Beware of Bird-tastrophe! cards as all players will suffer the consequences. 

The game ends when one of the players saves 6 birds, reaches 100 points or draws the last Fowl Play! card from the deck.

Time required: 45 min to 90 min
Number of players: 2 to 4 players
Recommended ages: 10+

The team produced a very detailed "How to Play" video for Fly-A-Way

Fly-A-Way is launching its Kickstarter campaign on 23 November 2020, to seek funding of $10,000 that will enable game production to take flight. Before launch, it has been picked by Kickstarter team as a "Project We Love"! Congrats Team Tuber!

If you are into board games too, or want to get started with a fun and educational one with your family, go check out Fly-A-Way. Find them on Kickstarter, their official website, Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube.