Fuss Free Nutritional Breakfast with Revive Nutrition

If you ask me to choose between sleep and making wholesome breakfast in the morning, I would choose… sleep of cos! Even if it’s sneaking 5 extra minutes in bed, I’ll take it!

For all working parents with school going kids would understand the mad rush every morning waking them up and prepping them for school. And then you also needed to get ready for work. Where got time to make wholesome breakfast right?

(This is where one insert a tagline…)

Really yummy breakfast made in Singapore. It tastes awesome and happens to be real good for you!

(Ah yes! The ad girl in me still there… not!)

That’s what you’ll read on REVIVE Instagram profile.

Overnight oats without the fuss of gathering ingredients! Just add milk they say!

And you get a hearty breakfast the next morning ready to stir and dig in. Pack it in a cooler bag and bring one to work too!

My last experience with overnight oats was quite a bad one and it lasted for only one night. When REVIVE asked if I would like to try their overnight oats, I was hesitant for a bit. Ha!

With verdict from the little chubby one that it’s yummy, you know it’s yummy lah!

Now I wanna try their Nut Butters and Granola too! At time of writing this, the two flavours of Granola that I wanna try were out of stock!

Don’t just read what I wrote, go check out their store and they are on Shopee and Lazada too.