Work Life Balance Is Your Own Mindset (And How You Manage Your Life)

"So much to do! I need to take take care of my mental health too..."
"Why so troublesome? Keep it simple and remember work life balance..." 

Mental Health and Work Life Balance are the most talked about at workplaces and also the most common reasons I have heard from colleagues past and present. Me too am one of those that would frequently feel that I'm burnt out and overworked... in the past. No matter how much time-off or leave I may get, the body and mind simply cannot be tuned back to a good system where I can simply "switch off" and do nothing. I was ALWAYS tired!

But now... I am good... I am happy.

Perhaps its due to me getting older... and probably wiser... or perhaps it is just me becoming more aware of myself and what really matters. I am delighted to say that I am finally, after 40 years, finding the enigma of my exhaustion. I am at zen with myself... 

Now I have time to do nothing... letting my mind be calm and just be.
Now I have energy to go out with people that matters, with my family.
Now I have time to sit and talk to people, to get to know them.
Now I have space in mind for reflection.
Now I have time to play... and do much more.

I have a work life balanced lifestyle and my mind is being taken care off.

The switch in career choice was a right move, well... that's what I think lah at least for this early stage... must disclaimer first. The job role is still as pressured and stressful in a different way compared to the past 10 years of my life. This time, at this new career, I am able to better manage this "pressure cooker". 

I enjoy waking up early everyday to get to work, I look forward to sitting at my desk and having my personal space at work. I very much prefer to go for in person work days, but I also appreciate the pockets of time I have when working from home. I have time to organise myself and plan what I need to do and this gives me more time on notion, which I really really love! The pace now is just nice and I am ready to change my gear and step up my engine when the job requires me to. 

I get to be where I am today because of the years and variety of experiences I have gained from the past 20+ years of working life. Every single job, every single failure and every success no matter how big or small, these experiences make me who I am and gives me the confidence to do what I do. 

I don't know where the rest of my life is going to take me, like I don't know where this post is going anymore... but I know I am good now. I am happy. 

I hope you are good too. 
I hope you are happy too.

Throwback with some photos of my good and happy life in the first quarter of 2022...