About The Loving Mum & Family

The Loving Mum is a working mother of two girls. She enjoys crafting and creating photo projects with her little ones. The blog of The Loving Mum is a channel for her to share her mini adventures with her loved ones and shares about the things she is passionate about.

Believing Play is an important part of a growing child, she allows her girls to use their imagination with toys, games and even when browsing through storybooks. Ayra is a big fan of videos on YouTube, especially those of unboxing and role-playing with dolls and toys. She would mimic how the characters in the videos with her own toys and create her own stories. Whenever possible, I would record her play and compile them onto youtube.

This is a personal blog to document the growth, experiences, events and stories about the loving mum. She’s in her 30s, an ISTJ and married to a loving husband. In September 2011, the loving couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Ayra (meaning: Respectable). And in August 2013, the family welcomed their second baby girl, Zara (meaning: Bright as the dawn). These two little ladies, and their life stories are the attention in this blog.

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Meet The Family

Mummy C of The Loving Mum
Mummy C is believed to be powered by a suit of armour that gives her unlimited power to do everything she needs and wants to do. On a typical day, Mummy C powers up her suit to juggle between family, household errands, prepping meals, preparing activities for the kids and typing away on her MacBook Pro rushing to finish whatever work that’s necessary. She is thankful for the flexibility she gets from work, helping other bloggers and businesses setup WordPress websites, consult on social media engagement and providing digital strategies for businesses. When too tied up at work, she would summon her blue minions to run errands in her place. These minions though never really exist as they are purely imaginary friends she made up with the plush toys laying around the house just so she doesn’t feel lonely when working alone at home. Mummy C tries her best to spend quality play time with her children when they are back from school, and when she’s at peace (when the little ones are asleep or in school) she likes to create some zen in her life by decluttering and rearranging stuff around the house. When she removes her powered suit of armour, she is just a simple Love-a-lot bear (aka The Loving Mum) that gives her family as much tender loving care as she possibly can. Read more about Mummy C here.

Ayah Y of The Loving Mum
Next, meet the only male in the family, let’s call him Ayah Y. He’s the homely, cool-headed, patient and most soft-spoken in the family. An educator in the day to his class of almost 40, and a loving father the rest of the time. Mummy C and Ayah Y met some 13 years ago and has been together ever since the day they started hanging out together after work. His sense of humour and calmness is totally the opposite in character with Mummy C, probably that’s why both clicked and goes well together. He can be spotted most of the time on his iPhone or iPad Mini researching and planning for his technology integrated lessons. He believes whatever that is in the school textbook the kids can read on their own (and probably have had read cover to cover multiple times already by now) so he supplements lesson time with related content from YouTube, interactive applications, fun quizzes and other fun ways to engage his kids. On days when he is on the holiday period, our tummies are happily fed by his creative dishes which our girls enjoy (more than my traditional old-school dishes). Ayah Y is also a fan of lame funny cartoons and gags and has influenced the girls to follow his liking for Sponge Bob and silly Patrick.

Ayra of The Loving Mum
Ayra, the firstborn with cute curls, of Mummy C and Ayah Y. Like most first born child, her first two years were filled with attention, love, gifts and much care. A strong powerful magnet that likes to attract to Mummy C. Shy and quiet when around strangers but talkative and active among family members. Ayra likes to dance, paint, play with her variety of toys with too many favourites and recently started to enjoy flipping through books and pretending to read to an audience. Since becoming an elder sister to Zara, she has become a loving and caring sister to the little one. She wears her invisible gear and holds her comfort towel when she’s around the little one as she’s the gentler one among the two. Read more about Ayra here.
Zara of The Loving Mum
The littlest in the family but also the queen of the house. Zara is the feisty one who is determined at getting whatever she wants, be it the other piece of LEGO brick Ayra was holding on, the other packet of snack Ayra was munching on and even the other Mummy’s hand which is cuddling her sister. Yes, whatever the sister as she wants it too, doesn’t matter if she already has the same thing or treatment of her own. Zara picks new skills, words, actions and processes up very quickly and always surprises us with her quick reactions to things around her. Being the more adventurous and garang child, she’s into climbing (no matter how high) the highest and longest stairs up to a slide and sliding down with no fear. We sometimes joke that she is a boy living inside a girly shell, and with her short hair and boyish style, she’s often mistaken as a baby boy even when she was seen dressed in a lacy pink girly tee and flowery shoes. Read more about Zara here.

With our characters’ power combined, we hope to contribute our fun experiences, stories and adventures with everyone out there who are searching and discovering new things to do in Singapore, places to go, activities for children, home decor and organisation tips, reviews of toys, gadgets and even hotel staycations in Singapore. When we have more opportunities and time to travel, we hope to share them with you too here on The Loving Mum.

Family of The Loving Mum

Thank you for reading our blog. Hope you enjoy reading as much as we had enjoyed sharing with you.

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